Anglerfish bite the female’s belly and cling like a parasite during mating all – Anglerfish is one of the deep sea fish which has a scary appearance. How not, this fish has a rather strange shape with sharp teeth and glowing balls hanging from the ends of its antennae. Fish marriage anglerfish even somewhat unusual and extreme, because they will stick to each other like an organ […]

Prince Philip and Belmondo stayed forever in 2021 (Infographics)

Significant names have left us, because of the pandemic they were sent modestly, without crowds and applause And in 2021, the world is saying goodbye to iconic names in politics, art and business. Due to the pandemic, the celebrities were not sent off with splendor and large crowds that gather in other years, but nevertheless […]

Stillborn baby cries on the way to the cemetery park (Video)

Declared dead by doctors, a baby came to his senses on the way to the cemetery in Turkey. The Daily Mail tells this amazing story of the Melek and Hassan Sert families. In Adana Melek gave birth, but doctors declared the baby dead. They issued a death certificate, and Hassan’s father took the body and […]

“Why are the successive victories of the left in Latin America a challenge for the United States?”

FIGAROVOX / TRIBUNE – In several Latin American countries, political leaders of the left have assumed responsibility. Professor Jean-Christophe Gallien analyzes the new geopolitical issues that this electoral upheaval constitutes. Jean-Christophe Gallien is a political scientist and communicator, lecturer at the Sorbonne University of Paris, president of JCGA and member of the Society of European […]

Chelsea have not won their first game of the year in six seasons | Premier league

Chelsea starred in a real match against Liverpool this Sunday. Both teams sparked at Stamford Bridge and ended up matching two goals. Total excitement. Although those from London leave with the tranquility of having tied in just six minutes and thus continue to be the leader’s bodyguards, there is a detail that makes noise … […]

When love for a woman is stronger than faith in God

Spanish bishop leaves church to marry erotic novelist Only 11 years ago, Javier Novel became known as the youngest bishop in his native Spain. He was then 41 years old and headed the Diocese of Solsona in the northeastern part of Catalonia, where he was ordained a priest in 1997. Javier is doomed to church […]

The poetess Jiva Kyuldzhieva, who created “Dark Red Rose”, has died (Video)

Zhiva Kyuldzhieva. Photo Facebook “I am sending the year with the sad news that Jiva Kyuldzhieva has left us today! A tribute to her bright memory! This is what our great singer Yordanka Hristova wrote on her Instagram account. Zhiva Kyuldzhieva is the poet who created the lyrics to Yordanka Hristova’s popular song “Dark Red […]

The United States is urgently saving Europe with natural gas

More than 30 liquefied natural gas tankers have left US ports on their way to Europe in recent days, Bloomberg Finance reported. According to data gathered by the agency from open sources, 10 tankers have already been marked as arriving on the Old Continent, and another 20 left the United States later and are currently […]

Russia reacted to sanctions against PMC Wagner

Photo: Anton Sergienko / RBC Zakharova threatened the EU with retaliatory sanctions of the Russian Federation Moscow called the EU sanctions illegitimate and reserved the right to respond to them. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that Moscow reserves the right to retaliate sanctions against the EU after the imposition of restrictions on eight people from […]