Monika Bagárová after breaking up with Mach: She seems satisfied and

For many months, singer Monika Bagárová tried to dispel speculation that her relationship with MMA wrestler Makhmud Muradov was falling apart. The day after Christmas, she finally admitted that she did not form a couple with her daughter Ruminka’s father. It was clear from her words that she was devastated by the breakup. But today […]

Pike went to her daughter Charlotte: She has a stomach upset…

Charlotte Štiková and Monika Štiková Source: Profimedia Charlotte Štiková recently boasted of her tormented figure on Instagram, but she received criticism from her own mother for her efforts. Monika Štiková claims that her daughter has a stomach upset and she was not in the sexy photo at all. In her speech, Štiková also took on […]

Shadows in the Mist appealed to her thanks to the director: Špalková said,…

Actress Petra Špalková is one of the two main characters in the new series Shadows in the Mist, in which she plays criminologist Magda Mala. Petra Špalková fits her role perfectly, but without director Radim Špaček, she would not have accepted the offer. Thanks to him, she finally went to the project. She was more […]

Luca Ward, his daughter’s illness Today is another day: “I felt guilty”

Luca Ward, guest to Today is another day on Rai1, it is got back a talk of the drama of illness of his daughter Luna, had by wife, Giada Desideri. There little Jade suffers from a illness known as syndrome by Marfan, a pathology affecting the connective tissue, having consequences such as alterations cardiac, pulmonary […]

Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov: What is the real cause…

Monika Bagarova Makhmud Muradov Source: Profimedia During the holidays, Monika Bagárová confided to the fans that she no longer formed a couple with her daughter’s father, Makhmud Muradov. The reasons for the breakup of the relationship have been speculated from the beginning, and according to certain sources, the MMA wrestler should have had a parallel […]

R. about life during a pandemic, marriage prescription and prophetic role Names

For most, especially the younger generation, Regina Varnaitė got stuck as Uršulė from the director Arūnas Žebriūnas’ 1973 musical film The Devil’s Bride, which is still sometimes shown on television. The audience also admired the audience of the series “Relatives” directed by Saulius Vosylius and its sequels, where the actress created the character of Paulė […]

Jan Bendig keeps Bagárová afloat: Monika is the strongest…

Monika Bagarova Jan Bendig Source: Profimedia Monika Bagárová and Makhmud Muradov no longer form a couple. The singer experiences a breakup with her daughter’s father very emotionally, and Jan Bendig’s best friend is a great support for her in a difficult moment. What did her colleague from Superstar reveal about the break-up of Bagárová’s relationship? […]

Confession of daughter Brožová: She will not forget the year 2021!

During the Christmas holidays, a bag of family pictures was torn, and some famous faces could not resist publishing them. Among them is an actress and presenter Kateřina Brožová, who boasted of her daughter Katka (20), with whom she posed in front of a Christmas tree. “My everything,” the actress wrote under the picture, which […]