Police violence: return to a black series that embarrasses the government

Police violence that falls badly for the executive. For ten days, several burrs have come to mar the action of the police in Paris embarrass the government. Criticized by the opposition for these facts, the Minister of the Interior Gerald Darmanin will also have to explain themselves to the Laws Committee of the National Assembly, […]

Gott’s return: She was greeted by a hopscotch from Rychtář!

A fan with a flower and a headband in her hair was waiting for her at the airport. “Dominica, welcome home,” said a burly man in his fifties. He knelt in front of Karel Gott’s eldest daughter († 80), gave her gifts, and then kissed her. “Thank you very much!” Dominika was visibly moved. He’s […]

Gott’s new amant? See you for a year, I’ll pay her rent!

The man who was expecting Dominika at the airport is Petr Veselý, who was also associated with Iveta in the past Bartošová (✝48). Dominika hugged him and Veselý even knelt in front of her with a puget – a gesture not so commonly seen. According to Blesk, you are with the oldest Gottovou they have […]

Dominika is home again. Return from Finland! What’s happening?

“My friend I have here refuses to take me to the airport. He does not want me to return to the Czech Republic and he wants me to complete all negotiations on housing and work here. And she offered me to live with her, “said Aha! yesterday morning Dominica. “I’m afraid of returning to the […]

Confinement. New gatherings of Catholics for the return of mass

Mass, a basic necessity : Catholics gathered again this Sunday, November 22 in front of churches and cathedrals in several large cities in France to demand the return of mass, banned during the confinement. This was particularly the case in the West, in the Pays de la Loire, at Rennes or Vannes. Kneeling in the […]

Found a natural remedy to accelerate hair growth

Today, 11:38 | author: Irina Mikhalkova | Photo ru.depositphotos.com With age, not only the skin grows old, but also the hair, which begins to fall out more often. One can only dream of a beautiful hairstyle. But you can return the former luxury to your hair with the help of a simple remedy – Aloe […]

Refugees return to Stepanakert. Photoreport :: Society :: RBC

After the agreement to end the war in Nagorno-Karabakh, residents began to return to the capital of the unrecognized republic of Stepanakert. People were forced to leave their homes during the fighting. The agreement was signed on November 10. How refugees return home – in a photo report by RBC Photo: Aram Nersesyan / RIA […]

Dominika Gott after a suicide attempt: She turned to the embassy

According to Dominika, she tried to end her life in Finland in recent days, where she resumed her relationship with her husband Tim Tolkki (54) (Aha! Informed). Whether she meant it or just demonstrated something is not entirely decipherable. Precisely because of her broken psyche, she did not catch a plane to Prague on Tuesday, […]

Desperate Gott about a suicide attempt: “I wanted to end everything …”

Dominika Gottová does not have an easy period after the death of her father. At first she went through a lot of pressure after his death, then she had to deal with partner problems with her Finnish husband Tim Tolkki for a long time. She returned to the Czech Republic, where she worked, but recently […]