Bomb Attack Kills Taliban Police Chief

loading… ACCEPTANCE – A police chief Taliban killed and 11 others injured in the explosion Good in Asadabad, Capital of Kunar Province, Afghanistan east, Thursday (14/10/2021). This was disclosed by local authorities. Witnesses to Radio Free Europe (RFE) said the bomb targeted the vehicle carrying the victim. Local Taliban officials did not disclose details of […]

The Mother of Satan Bomb in Ciremai, 7 Km from the Settlement

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Head of Humas West Java Police Kombes Pol Erdi A Chaniago Good which is kept by terrorist prisoners on Mount Ciremai, which is about 7 kilometers from the nearest settlement. The bomb was still active when it was found and could explode even if it was only hit by a vibration. […]

Reply to Mosque Bombing, Taliban Special Forces Destroy ISIS Cells

loading… ACCEPTANCE – Taliban , Afghanistan’s new ruler, said troops in particular had destroyed the cells ISIS in the north of Kabul on Sunday (3/10/2021) evening. This attack was in retaliation for a bomb blast at the gate of a mosque in Kabul that killed five civilians. The local ISIS group known as ISIS-Khorasan or […]

Kids have a good reason to hate cauliflower and broccoli, study finds

Children will finally have a good excuse to refuse to manger cauliflower or broccoli. According to a study published on September 22 in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and relayed by The Parisian, the disgust of certain children for these vegetables would be linked to an interaction between oral bacteria and a molecule […]

Japan warns its citizens in Indonesia, this is what happened

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Government Japan make a warning for the safety of its citizens in Indonesia. They said there was a possibility of a suicide bomb attack and Japanese citizens were asked to stay away from crowds and religious centers. “There is an increased risk of suicide bombing,” the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs […]

Seriously! Japan Warning Residents in Indonesia, What’s Up?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Government Japan Monday (13/9/2021) issued a warning to its citizens in Indonesia and five Southeast Asian countries. This is related to the possible risk of attacks, including suicide bombings. Quotes Associated Press (AP), the State of Sakura urges its citizens to avoid crowds and religious festivals. In addition to Indonesia, the […]

A kiss revealed who Desi Slava’s favorite is

Pop-folk diva Desi Slava is probably enjoying the embrace of her son’s father Blagoy Naidenov again. Recently, the couple celebrated the baptism of their son Boris and one of the videos from the holiday shows Little Cobra kissing the folk singer on the mouth, Weekend writes. This quickly gave rise to allegations that the athlete […]

Desi Slava returned to the arms of Blagoy SN …

Barefoot Desi Slava grabbed the microphone together with the father of her second son Blagoy Naidenov. The couple got together for the baptism of their child – three-year-old Borko. Yesterday, footage from the party after the baptism appeared on the Internet, which, as it turns out, took place in a Tuzla restaurant in Sofia with […]

The Waylanders Leaving Early Access This Fall

Since its release in June last year, RPG The Waylanders has been continuously improved. And while players in Early Access were limited to the Celtic era, Gato Savalje Studio was steadily building the future. Literal… Because as we see in this new trailer, the next chapter takes us a thousand years into the future. To […]