Caravan of 4,500 migrants marching to the United States – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JANUARY 16 – At least 4,500 migrants who left Honduras for the United States managed to cross the Guatemala border. The border agents did not resist, given the presence of numerous families with children. This was reported by a Guatemalan police officer in the border town of El Florido. Mexican authorities said […]

Jovanotti and daughter Teresa recovered from cancer: “It was a tiger”

January 14, 2021 Jovanotti, after the post of the daughter Teresa, which he said he had fought and defeated cancer, entrusts social words of thanks for thewave of love that overwhelmed his family. And in doing so, he expresses all his pride and esteem for his women, Teresa e his wife Francesca, who “in recent […]

Andrea Cerioli and Arianna Cirrincione soon parents? The words on Instagram

Vip moms and dads of 2021 Andrea Cerioli e Arianna Cirrincione, beloved couple born in the studies of Men and women, they just celebrated their second engagement anniversary. Things could not be better for the couple, as can be seen from the words of the former tronista on Instagram. A dedication full of love that […]

Tips for heirs: when and for what a certificate of inheritance is necessary

Updated January 12, 2021, 4:26 pm The survivors of a deceased person have to take care of various things after their death. Heirs need a certificate of inheritance for one or the other matter. You can find more topics about children and families here Accounts, apartment, contracts: after Death of a relative at some point […]

Despite the Covid, a sparkling Christmas in a New York neighborhood

Christmas shows canceled, trips not recommended, visits to the giant tree at Rockefeller Center timed out: in 2020, in New York, Santa Claus sometimes seems to hold Father Fouettard. But in Brooklyn’s Dyker Heights neighborhood there is a little festive air that even the pandemic cannot ruin. Every year, from the end of November, this […]

Here you can see services online on Christmas Eve

Christmas without a nativity play and church service? This is unthinkable for many families. But what if you can’t or don’t want to go to church due to the pandemic? We give tips on alternatives. The churches are traditionally full at Christmas. This year it will be different. The places in the church services are […]

The family origins of Anne Sylvestre, fabulous singer of Les Fabulettes

ANNE SYLVESTRE Author, composer, singer, performer and writer, very popular in the 1960s and 1970s, Anne Sylvestre died on November 30, then aged 86. His name and his famous “Fabulettes”, in particular, are known, his family origins not necessarily. A last name difficult to carry: Her real name, Anne Sylvestre was called Anne-Marie Thérèse Beugras. […]