There was a video of the last minutes of Polyakov’s life

Photo: There was a video of the last minutes of Polyakov’s life The video shows how the police provide first aid to Anton Polyakov, and then doctors try to save his life. A video of the last minutes of the life of People’s Deputy Anton Polyakov has appeared on the network. Video clip published […]

WHO announced the lowest COVID death rate in the world in almost a year

Worldwide COVID mortality at lowest level in almost a year – WHO Mortality from coronavirus is declining in all regions except Europe. At the same time, the highest mortality rate is in the regions with the least access to vaccines. Coronavirus mortality is at its lowest in nearly a year. About it stated WHO chief […]

Actor Javier Ruán dies at 81 due to a heart attack

By Newspaper Soon Newsroom Written in SHOWS the 2021/10/11 · 20:12 hs This Monday, October 11, the actor died at the age of 81 Javier Rouen due to a heart attack according to a statement released on Twitter. The death occurred at 2:30 p.m. Born on January 10, 1940 in Michoacán, Ruán had an outstanding […]

Polyakov took methadone on his own – Valery Kur

Photo: Anton Polyakov died on Friday night, October 8 The likelihood that someone injected methadone secretly from him or without his permission is very small, the expert noted. Former head of the criminal intelligence department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Valeriy Kur, believes that MP Anton Polyakov took methadone found in […]

The taxi driver who drove Polyakov changed his testimony

The publication does not name the names of either the taxi driver or the lawyer. According to the lawyer, his client changed his testimony after checking the CCTV cameras. The lawyer spoke today TSNthat the taxi driver initially gave false testimony: he said that he picked up the people’s deputy at the bus stop. The […]

An Eclipse Not Related to Death and Birth

The occurrence of the eclipse is a sign of the power of Allah SWT. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — In the past, ignorant Arabs strongly believed that if it happened eclipse sun or happen moon eclipse it is closely related to death or birth somebody. They believe when it happens solar eclipse or a lunar eclipse, then […]

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said that Polyakov’s blood contained methadone

Photo: There are new data on the death of Anton Polyakov Forensic experts found methadone in the blood of the deceased people’s deputy. How he got into the body the politician will determine the consequence. The police confirmed that there was a small dose of alcohol and methadone in the blood of the deceased […]

COVID-19 killed a famous Bulgarian publisher and translator

The famous publisher and translator Nadia Furnadzhieva has lost the battle with the coronavirus. The sad news was announced on Facebook by journalist Veselina Bozhilova. Sad, very sad news. The covid took away a bright figure – Nadia Furnadzhieva died last night. Translator from German, publisher, she remains in the cultural memory of the country […]

The Death Rate for People with Mental Disorders During the Covid-19 Pandemic Increases – A study by King’s College London, England, showed that the number of death in patients mental disorders and intellectual disabilities have increased over the past pandemic Covid-19. Education this is published in order to welcome World Mental Health Day which falls today, Sunday (10/10/2021) in the journal The Lancet Regional Health-Eropa. The theme […]