«I have proposed to do the New York marathon with Nagore Robles»

Jose Obando At the age of 29, he has more than 102,000 followers on his Instagram account as an ‘influencer’ and launched his own communication agency a few months ago. He was born and raised in the Sevillian town of Utrera and from a very young age he dreamed of dedicating himself to the world […]

PSG: inseparable, Mbappé and Hakimi are in the USA

As mentioned in recent days, Christophe Galtier has decided to put an end to Kylian Mbappe et Achrafi Hakimi income very quickly from the World Cup. The two players were sent off for ten days and will therefore miss the 32nd Coupe de France final against Châteauroux and possibly the match against Angers on 11 […]

Two Saudi soldiers are missing in Yemen and are thought to be with the Houthis

Two Saudi soldiers are missing in Yemen and are thought to be with the Houthis publication date : Tuesday 12:00 2015-9-22 DUBAI – Reuters – A Saudi Defense Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday that two Saudi soldiers have disappeared in Yemen and are believed to be being held by the Houthis. Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri […]

Archbishop Scheuer: “Behind the Pope there is first of all a person”

The difficulties with the Church and also the contradictions against the Church were raised more by him, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, than by his predecessor, Pope John Paul II. In his first words after his election as Bishop of Rome , Benedict XVI. he understood himself as a “simple […]

Eastman partnership supports reforestation in Brazil

12/15/2022, 5448 characters SÃO PAULO, April 17 /PRNewswire/ — Partnership with SOS Mata Atlântica and Bracell will support the Future Forests program. Eastman has signed a partnership agreement with non-profit environmental organization SOS Mata Atlântica and Bracell, a soluble cellulose producer, to donate 15,000 seedlings to a program to regenerate the Atlantic Forest in Brazil. […]


New York (ots/PRNewswire) – A company affiliated with Highgate Entrepreneurs today announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to purchase Viceroy Hotels & Resorts (Viceroy). The Los Angeles-based award-winning hotel group is known for its highly individual contemporary luxury hotels and resorts worldwide and was named one of the top 10 hotel brands worldwide […]

3 viral facts about Indonesian Air Force people affect the elderly

Jakarta – Soldiers TNI ME, Pratu SH allegedly beat an old man in Tangerang, Banten. SH’s action was recorded on a cell phone camera and went viral on social media. It was later discovered that SH had been assigned to Atang Sendjaja Air Base (ATS) Bogor. Military Police Unit (Satpom) Lanud Ats then searched for […]

TNI personnel beat elderly people delivered to Halim Perdanakusuma Air Base

Bogor – The suspected TNI AU soldier blow an elderly (elderly) man in Tangerang was handed over to Halim Perdanakusuma’s Air Force Police unit. The TNI person with the initials Pratu SH was arrested at his place of employment in Atang Sendjaja Airport, Bogor. “Yes, we are just conducting an initial inspection, it has now […]