Former Saddam Hussein Defense Team Leader Reveals Secret of Saddam’s Hidden Locations

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Khalil Al-Dulaimi, the former head of Saddam Hussein’s defense team, revealed the secret of the inability of the United States of America and satellites to locate the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. Al-Dulaimi explained, during an interview with the “Political Memory” program broadcast on Al-Arabiya TV, that the secret is the late […]

Lawyer in Trouble for Using Chatbot to Draft Legal Brief

According to The New York Times, the lawyer in trouble is Steven Schwartz, who is being resolved in a New York court. Why? For a lawsuit against the airline Avianca made by a passenger who suffered an injury when he was hit with a service cart during a flight. The point is that Schwartz represents […]

“The Life and Legacy of Jurist Pablo Peña and Entrala”

May 27, 1843 the jurist was born in Granada Pablo Peña and Entrala. He dedicated his entire life, now as a student, now as a professor, to the University of Granada and to the practice of law. It stands out that he was very integrated into Granada’s cultural life. He began his studies at the […]

“RAAN Abogados Helps Families Regain Economic Solvency with Unknown Regulations”

The increase in prices that has occurred in recent months, together with the also excessive rise in the Euribor, has caused an unsustainable economic situation for many families who cannot afford their usual expenses. RAAN Abogados helps citizens to recover their economic solvency by taking advantage of two regulations unknown to many. Given the incessant […]

Lawyer accused of repeated fraud for promoting non-existent judicial proceedings

May 20, 2023 – 11:19 The professional appeared at the tax office accompanied by private lawyers and announced that he would do so in writing. He was denounced by people who hired his services to carry out judicial procedures, which were not carried out or did not continue with the process. The criminal prosecutor 2, […]

“Hit and Run Tragedy: Witness Recounts Heartbreaking Accident”

“I really hadn’t seen anything, it was a black spot in front of me. I wanted to swerve, but it was already too late. I tried to drive back, the engine cut out and then I started walking. I still thought: was it a deer? And then I saw her lying…” He continues his story […]

Lawyer of Thelma Fardin to Appeal Ruling that Acquitted Juan Darthés of Rape Charges

Carla Junqueiraone of the lawyers of Thelma Fardinanticipated this afternoon that they will appeal the ruling that acquitted the actor Juan Darthés in the case of rape initiated by the actress, and described him as “conservative” and “without a gender perspective”, during a press conference held this afternoon at the headquarters of Amnesty International. Darthés […]