Missing radioactive capsule in Australia turns up on a remote road

(CNN) — A small radioactive capsule missing in Australia has been found by the side of a road, after a challenging search akin to trying to find a needle in a haystack. Officials in the state of Western Australia announced the discovery on Wednesday afternoon, six days after the capsule was found to be missing […]

Cindy Williams, actress remembered for ‘Laverne & Shirley’, dies at 75

(CNN) — Actress Cindy Williams, best known for playing the jovial Shirley Feeney on the hit sitcom “Laverne & Shirley,” has died at 75, according to a statement from her family that a representative provided to CNN. Williams passed away after a brief illness, said a statement from his children Zak and Emily Hudson, which […]

Do you eat a lot of ultra-processed products? Your mental health is at risk

If ultra-processed foods are a part of your diet, try to balance it with healthy, good-quality foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Highly processed foods, such as frozen pizzas and ready meals, make our busy lives much easier. No one is an exception to your consumption. And besides, they are quite tasty. Who doesn’t […]

Why Ivanka Trump resists her father’s plans

Donald Trump is running again for the office of President of the United States, but his favorite daughter does not want to support him in the electoral campaign. The US is now speculating about the reasons. Donald Trump wants to return to the White House. This was announced by the 76-year-old former president of the […]

Blizzard wreaks havoc in the Northeast

hHeavy snow paralyzed parts of the US state of New York just before Thanksgiving and claimed several lives. According to the National Weather Service, about six feet of snow fell in the city of Orchard Park south of Buffalo Sunday morning (local time). On occasion, more than six inches of snow fell per hour in […]

CNN: Republicans are winning Congress

CNN predicts it Republicans will win the House of Representatives with a victory that will fall short of their hopes for a “red wave,” but it will stymie President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda and likely subject the White House to relentless investigations. Trump satisfied with the midterm elections in the United States The people I’ve […]

Ukraine withdraws accreditation of Western journalists

“Recently, some media representatives ignored the rules and warnings and reported from Kherson without the permission of the commanders of military and PR ministries,” writes the Ukrainian General Staff on Facebook. It is not known which journalists had their accreditation withdrawn. Several media outlets write that at least six correspondents from the American CNN and […]

Argentina coach hopes: 2022 will not be the last Messi World Cup – dpa

AArgentina coach Lionel Scaloni is evidently not ready to accept the prospect of future World Cups without Lionel Messi. The 35-year-old football superstar recently announced that the upcoming World Cup would be her last. Scaloni now told CNN Radio Argentina: “It could be the last, I hope not.” Scaloni: Messi makes people happy Messi is […]