Private- Magda El Roumi undergoes this surgery, and art reveals her health condition

“Al-Fan” learned that the Lebanese artist, Majida Al-Roumi, underwent a “gallbladder” operation, which is a medically simple operation that does not cause concern. She left the hospital, is in good health, and is currently in her home. . From the “Art” website, we wish the artist, Magda El Roumi, health and safety.On the other hand, […]

The weather tomorrow will be partly cloudy with scattered rain, which will increase at night in the north, and will be accompanied by active winds

The Department of Estimates at the Meteorological Authority stated that “the effect of storm Farah continues on Lebanon and the eastern basin of the Mediterranean, accompanied by heavy rains and snow and sometimes severe cold polar winds, and its effect decreases relatively today, Thursday, and returns to gradually intensify from Saturday morning; and reaches its […]

International fashion designer Elie Saab reveals the secret behind the success of his collection at Paris Fashion Week

The Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2023 collection by Lebanese designer Elie Saab won great admiration from the public during the Paris Fashion Week events last Wednesday. This collection reflects the beauty, culture, and rich nature of Thailand. The spring-summer 2023 collection was characterized by meticulous design, high craftsmanship in embroidery, and soft colors of nature, accompanied […]

The government’s silence on the performance of the “central” governor is collusion

The Strong Lebanon bloc held its periodic meeting chaired by Representative Gebran Bassil, discussed its agenda, studied a number of law proposals, and issued the following statement: 1- The bloc confirms that the absolute priority of the House of Representatives lies in electing a President of the Republic, and this is what the legislator meant […]

Do you remember Maria Isabel? So today I am 54 years old

Who among us does not remember the Mexican actress Maria Isabel, whose star shone many years ago. “Maria Isabel” or Adela Noriega, who caught the eye during the presentation of her series, is still one of the names that the public searches for on the Internet and social networking sites, and when any result is […]

Major problems in Lebanon, Lebanese are taking matters into their own hands

NOS News•yesterday, 21:35 Daisy Mohr Middle East correspondent Daisy Mohr Middle East correspondent Lebanon continues to collapse. There has been no president for months, the Lebanese currency is worth almost nothing, four out of five households live in poverty and, according to aid organizations, malnutrition is a rapidly growing problem. Civil servants come to work […]