Massive Fire Destroys Lebanese Oil Refinery, Days After Total Power Outage

loading… BEIRUT – A large fire destroys a fuel oil (BBM) storage tank near the Zahrani power plant in Lebanon South. The tragedy on Monday (11/10/2021) is just a few days after Lebanon went into complete darkness as the same facility, as well as one other facility, was closed. “The Lebanese army rushed to evacuate […]

Energy Crisis Victims Add Again, This Time in Middle East

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The current energy crisis has penetrated into Middle East. One of the countries in the region, Lebanon, had to experience an electricity crisis due to running out of fuel. Quotes USA Today, the country’s electricity service provider, Electricite De Liban, had to close two main power plants due to running out […]

Lebanon left without electricity –

Photo: Two power plants in Lebanon stopped work due to fuel shortages Two of the country’s largest power plants have shut down. Companies are trying to resolve the situation. The problem is planned to be fixed within two days. All supplies of diesel fuel have been exhausted in Lebanon. The country was left without […]

Nuland will make a working visit to Moscow

Victoria Nuland will hold talks with Russian officials Victoria Nuland will travel to Russia on October 11 to discuss a range of bilateral, regional and global issues. Victoria Nuland, Deputy Head of the US Department of State for European and Eurasian Affairs, will pay a three-day visit to Russia, where she will hold a number […]

Mossad Fails to Find Israeli Soldier Arrested in Lebanon 35 Years Ago

loading… TEL AVIV – Operation Mossad to find soldiers Israel Ron Arad who was captured by the guerrilla group in Lebanon 1986 failed. The head of the Israeli intelligence agency, David Barnea, was quoted as saying Channel 12 in internal meetings. Also read: Mossad Searches Israeli Soldiers Arrested in Lebanon 35 Years Ago “It was […]

Mossad Searches Israeli Soldiers Arrested in Lebanon 35 Years Ago

loading… TEL AVIV – Mossad , intelligence agency Israel for missions abroad, has carried out search operations for Zionist soldiers who disappeared during bombing missions in Lebanon 35 years ago. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday (4/10/2021) said the Mossad carried out a “broad and courageous” mission last month to try to uncover the […]

US imposes new sanctions on Hezbollah

loading… WASHINGTON – United States of America (US) announces new sanctions against group Hizbullah , supported Iran , from Lebanon . The US also called on governments around the world to crack down terrorist group the. “Hezbollah, with the support of IRGC-QF (Iran’s Quds Force), uses the revenue generated by this network to fund terrorist […]

Iranian tanker unloads oil for Lebanon in Syria

loading… DAMASCUS – One tanker Iran is unloading gasoline at the port of Baniyas, Syria, destined for neighboring Lebanon. News agency Reuters reported on the online oil shipment tracking service on Tuesday (14/9/2021). “Unable to ship directly by sea to Lebanon due to sanctions, the ship instead went to Baniyas, Syria, for land transfers,” […]

Dry Lebanon, at the heart of an oil war between Iran and the United States

Bankruptcy Article reserved for subscribers In the grip of shortages of electricity and gasoline, Lebanon is exposed to sanctions from the United States by importing Iranian fuel. Bankrupt, the country is struggling to recover, a year after the explosion that shook it and upset its population. Thanks to the hostility between Iran and the United […]