School closings due to Corona: Good education is now a matter of luck

DThe Chancellery has called for a “restrictive implementation” of the recently decided school closings by February 14th. But no sooner had the prime ministers left the video conference with the Chancellor than everyone did what they wanted. The regulations for schools in the next three weeks are therefore different depending on the federal state. “There […]

Government is under maximum pressure to close schools

Alexandra Figueira, Joana Amorim and João Vasconcelos Sousa Today at 01:02 The pressure on the Government to close schools due to the escalation of the pandemic has taken several steps at once. In writing and by voice, on Tuesday, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa recalled the “almost unanimity” of the experts on the advantage of ending […]

Corona advisors call for harder lockdown | Currently Germany | DW

It is already certain that the lockdown in Germany will be extended beyond January – at least until “mid-February”, it was said last. But is there now a threat of “an even tougher hard-hitting lockdown,” as a leading tabloid newspaper wrote? That is still uncertain, but one thing is certain: Scientists advising Chancellor Angela Merkel […]

In New York, the puzzle of closing schools

When she heard New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announce on Saturday April 11 that the city’s schools would remain closed for the rest of the school year, Kanokwan Sire wondered: ” What will I do ? “. → LIVE. Coronavirus: information from April 13 in France and around the world Mother of two teenagers […]

Without classrooms, sports and friends: children in lockdown

January 08, 2021 – 1:33 pm Clock Berlin (dpa) – A day without school or daycare. Without meeting the circle of friends. Without sports and other leisure activities. A day like this can get really long. For most children and adolescents in Germany this is currently everyday life. How difficult the situation is for them […]

Start of self-directed Corona rapid tests at Saxony-Anhalt’s schools

Thousands of teachers and other school staff in Saxony-Anhalt have been able to carry out rapid corona tests since Thursday. According to the Ministry of Education, the aim is to identify possibly undetected infections during the Christmas holidays and to prevent colleagues from becoming infected. Tests trotz Lockdown The country had already procured and distributed […]