Kia Carens Sells Hard, Orders More than 7,000 Units a Day

Jakarta – The latest Kia Carens which was just launched some time ago turned out to be in great demand by Indian consumers. The proof is, on the first day the MPV was sold, the number of orders set a fantastic record, with a number of SPK (Vehicle Order Letters) of more than 7,000 units. […]

After India Exports BrahMos Missiles to the Philippines, China Begins to Show Fear – Step Filipina in acquiring missiles BrahMos from India seems very accurate. Because, after Filipina acquire missiles BrahMos, China began to show fear and worry. China worried India will market its missiles to other Asian countries. Also Read: High Blood Sugar Can Be Normal Again Only Avocado Seed Capital, This is Diabetes Medicine in […]

locals consider him a deity (photo) – UNIAN

People come to the hospital where the baby is located to look at him. The child is considered a deity / photo Daily star V India a baby was born with four arms and four legs. People consider the baby a deity and stand in line to look at him. This is reported Daily star. […]

Lost 77 Years, World War II Plane Found in Himalayas

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — plane wreck World War II what was lost has been found in the Himalayas, India, after 77 years of falling with no survivors. The C-46 transport plane carrying 13 people from Kunming, China, was reported to have disappeared during a storm over the mountainous state of Arunachal Pradesh in 1945. “This […]

Palm Oil Prices Are Getting Expensive, India Wants To Find Something Else…

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Commodity prices of crude palm oil (Crude Palm Oil/CPO) rose again in today’s trading, Friday (21/1/2022), after successfully rising for 3 consecutive days. Today, the price of CPO is priced at MYR 5,209/ton, which is up 0.42% from yesterday’s closing. According to Reuters analysis, the contract is testing levels resistance at […]

Lost 77 Years Ago, World War II Plane Found in India

Jakarta – A plane World War II the missing has been found in a remote region Himalaya in India, after 77 years after the plane crashed with no survivors. The find was made following a dangerous search that led to the deaths of three guides. Reported from the news agency AFP, Friday (1/21/2022), the C-46 […]

Indian Radical Hindu Hate Speech to Muslims Reaps Criticism

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Hate speech against Muslims by radical groups Hindu from India drew public criticism. Previously, a Hindu resident was recorded voicing a statement threatening Muslims. “If 100 of us become soldiers and prepare to kill two million (Muslims), then we will win, protect India and make it a Hindu nation,” Pooja Shakun […]

Indian Hindu Extremists Call for Genocide of Muslims

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — An extremist Hindu from India seen calling for a massacre of the ummah Muslim at a conference in Haridwar, Uttarakhand state, last month. “If 100 of us become soldiers and prepare to kill two million (Muslims), then we will win, protect India and make it a Hindu nation,” Pooja Shakun Pandey, […]

This is Giri, the Hindu Monk Who Calls for Genocide of Indian Muslims

loading… Yati Narsinghanand Giri, a Hindu monk in India who was arrested by police after making genocidal calls against local Muslims. Photo/via wefornews NEW DELHI – Yati Narsinghanand Giri, Hindu monk in India has called for genocide against Moslems local. He has been taken to court on charges of inciting religious violence. Senior police officer, […]