New York: what we know about the accident in Times Square

A former US serviceman, with a criminal record but apparently without terrorist motivations, knocked down 23 pedestrians in Times Square Thursday in New York, killing one and several seriously injured in one of the busiest squares in the world. “Based on the information we have so far, there is no indication that this was an […]

In New York, works of art slip into the windows of deserted stores

In New York, artists have taken over empty windows and the premises of stores that have had to close because of the pandemic, a way for them to gain visibility while revitalizing abandoned shopping streets. “Sometimes it is said that tragedy gives birth to an opportunity,” explains designer Sir Shadow, who is currently creating his […]

Women’s march in New York: “We still started to come out of the darkness”

The procession did not fail to boo copiously one of the towers owned by Donald Trump in Manhattan, south of Central Park. It was at the foot of the Trump International Hotel and Tower that the third edition of the Women’s March in New York began this Saturday. The demonstrators, including many women, will do […]

Diary of a doctor in Ehpad: “In the night, unexpected death is hard”

On the front line with the elderly, Jean-Paul Duplan, 69, is the coordinating doctor of two accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) in the department of Essonne. For request of Release, he keeps a logbook of his daily work in the face of the coronavirus. The fight is tough. This article is the updated […]