Yellow code for dangerous weather with strong wind in 12 areas MAPS

During the night with a strong northwest wind the country will pass a fast cold front. It will snow in places from north to south. The minimum temperatures will be between minus 3 ° and 2 °, in Sofia – around minus 3 °, according to the NIMH forecast. On Tuesday it will remain windy, […]

50.7 Degree Celsius Temperature Record Breaks in Kangaroo Country

Perth – One of the cities in Australia reported extreme temperatures of up to 50.7 degrees Celsius. That temperature equaled the hottest temperature on record in history Australia. Reported from AFP, Friday (14/1/2022), the extreme temperature occurred in a remote town in Western Australia on Thursday (13/1) local time. The Australian Climate Council warned that […]

“Artificial sun” warmed up in China

Photo: Experimental advanced superconducting tokamak known as “artificial sun” In the course of the last experiment, the plasma in the experimental setup reached 70 million degrees – temperatures five times stronger than the Sun. The Chinese thermonuclear reactor EAST set a new record for sustainably high temperatures – it reached 70 million degrees Celsius, […]

Snow and hail fell in Hurghada

Photo: Still from video The hail fell on the first day of the new year The air temperature in the popular Egyptian resort is about 20 degrees Celsius. A layer of “hailstones” covered the beaches and streets. On January 1, hail and snow fell in the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada. Chunks of ice a […]

Gazprom announced record gas extraction from underground storage facilities

Photo: Gazprom Gazprom works at its maximum capacity In Russia, abnormally low temperatures have been established, which are recorded on average per day – up to -17 degrees. The production complex of Russian Gazprom has been operating at maximum capacity for five days. A record volume of gas is consumed from the UGS facility, it […]

Theo Ushev with COVID in his native Kyustendil

The animator Teodor Ushev has a coronavirus. He announced this himself minutes ago on social networks. “Santa turned out to be Santa Covid for me. After I had a fever yesterday and started coughing, today the test was positive (yes, I was vaccinated). To everyone who has been in contact with me the last 3 […]

The Coldest and Hottest Planet in the Solar System, Jakarta – Although there are countless planets and even galaxies in the universe, there is only one that is called human home, that is Galaksi Bima Sakti. Our solar system consists of all the planets, moons, asteroids, comets and other space debris orbiting the sun. Our system, known as the Solar System, is named […]

Ukrainians are warned of worsening weather

Photo: Facebook / UkrHMC Bad weather in Ukraine Due to the invasion of Arctic air from the north, a significant decrease in air temperature is expected, and ice on the roads is expected. Meteorologists warn Ukrainians about worsening weather conditions. On Tuesday, December 21, in many regions there will be icy roads (hazard level I, […]