Trump’s former chief strategist refuses to testify in Congress

Bannon was to testify about the attack on the Congress building on January 6 during the hearing in the US Congress Committee on Thursday. Bannon was called in as a witness by the committee. But through his lawyer, he had announced in advance that he would not answer questions. However, this is something the committee […]

The United States will not fail on October 18

The threat of default is postponed until December. The United States’ default, with catastrophic financial and economic consequences, will not take place on October 18. It seemed unlikely, but persistent blockages in Congress made the threat real. It is now postponed to the beginning of December. The Republican Senate leaders in Washington reached an agreement […]

Former Employee Calls Facebook The Most Urgent Threat To The United States

loading… WASHINGTON – Reporter (whistleblower) Facebook Frances Haugen will appear before the US Congress on Tuesday (5/10/2021) local time. He would sharply criticize Facebook as “one of the most pressing threats” facing the country. He also demanded transparency about Facebook’s operations. Haugen is a former product manager on Facebook’s civic misinformation team. He said the […]

Biden: I cannot guarantee that we will avoid US defaults “

He said this during a press conference at the White House pointing the finger at Republicans and their obstruction on raising the debt ceiling. “A meteorite is hitting the American economy. At this point I cannot guarantee that the US will avoid a default.” These are two of the most important passages delivered during a […]

Use: Camera approves rule to avoid shutdown – Last Hour

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, 30 SEPT – At the American Congress after the Senate, the House also approved the measure that avoids the shutdown of the federal government, guaranteeing funds until early December. The measure now lands on the desk of the Oval Office for the signature of President Joe Biden. (HANDLE). REPRODUCTION RESERVED © Copyright […]

Europe: British Labor Party conference: “Make Brexit work”

It is well known that one cannot choose one’s family. You can make enemies. The British saw themselves ahead of their party conference this week Labour Party – which always saw itself as a big family, to which the trade unions also belong – before an ordeal. The centrifugal forces of the various camps are […]

United States: Joe Biden is already playing his presidency in Congress

As the great infrastructure and social investment plan arrives before the US Parliament, the stakes are high for President Joe Biden. Explanations. What is the plan Build Back Better ? During his 2020 campaign, Joe Biden promised to “Build back better” America post-Covid: repair major infrastructure, fight against global warming and reduce social and racial […]

Biden postpones trip for negotiations

AIn the face of difficult negotiations and pressing decisions in the US Congress, President Joe Biden canceled a visit to Chicago planned for this Wednesday at short notice. The White House said on Tuesday evening (local time) that given ongoing talks with members of Congress, the president would stay at government headquarters in Washington on […]