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An international team of researchers, including a Chadian epidemiologist, is studying mortality in relation to treatment with hydroxychloroquine, a drug widely used, especially in Africa. Currently, unlike tuberculosis, there are no medicines that cure this new, potentially fatal disease which affects the whole world. This is why researchers everywhere are urgently testing the effectiveness of […]

Questioning the Use of Chloroquine for the Treatment of Covid-19 Patients

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Sigit Purwanto was nervous when he learned that the swab test results showed he was infected with the corona virus in mid-July. Together with 46 health workers, nurses from the Pundong District Public Health Center, Bantul, Yogyakarta, he underwent a swab test because he often had contact with patients and was at […]

BPOM: Hydroxychloroquine Still Safe for Covid-19 Patients

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) states that the current use of the drug hydroxychloroquine can still be used safely for the treatment of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia. “For the time being we are still implementing the emergency use othorization, it is still being used in an emergency,” said BPOM Drug […]

BPOM Urges People to Not Use These Three Drugs Free

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Director of Registration Drug National Agency of Drug and Food Control ( BPOM) Rizka Andalucia reminded people not to buy drug hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine and dexamethasone without a doctor’s prescription to treat corona virus infection ( Covid-19). Because, the three drugs are classified as hard drugs that require doctor supervision in the process […]

Washington withdraw its declaration by using Hydroxy-Chloroquine for the treatment of SK – the idea of art – the last page

Pull the health authorities of America the two permit emergency treatment designers code-19 by real estate chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine chloroquine, which had previously praised the effectiveness of their president, American Donald Trump. Said responsible scientific agency, the American pharmaceutical Deniz Hinton in a note that he “is no longer logically believe that the real estate […]

The scandal over hydroxy chloroquine increases confusion in the midst of the Battle of Corona

Our readers are Instagram users You can now follow the latest news for free through our account on InstagramClick here to subscribe Washington: The first research scandal linked to the Covid-19 epidemic caused an unnecessary controversy over the divisive hydroxy chloroquine, according to scientists, while questions revolve around the small healthcare firm at the heart […]

three of ‘The Lancet’ study authors retract

Published on : 06/05/2020 – 08:21Modified : 06/05/2020 – 08:21 Three of the four authors of the study published on May 22 in the British scientific journal ‘The Lancet’ on the use of hydroxychloroquine against Covid-19 have withdrawn, raising doubts about the data used. The journal withdraws the article. “We can no longer vouch for […]

Two centuries of media controversy around chloroquine

Since the discovery of quinine, its use and its derivatives have continued to spread ink, especially during a pandemic. In order to better understand our present, let’s retrace together the media history of the therapy that made the most noise during this pandemic. Article co-written with Julien Hernandez Since the XVIe century, which saw the […]

Chloroquine: its use divides around the world

The planet is more divided than ever over the use of hydroxychloroquine to treat the new coronavirus since the publication of a disputed study judging the molecule ineffective, even harmful. The study, published May 22 in the scientific journal The Lancet, concludes that hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), derived from the antimalarial chloroquine, is not effective against Covid-19 […]

Coronavirus: the scientist and the after

The era is paradoxical. With the coronavirus crisis, there has probably never been more talk of science in the media than in political discourse. The rate of reproduction, the cytokine storm, the protective antibodies are in everyone’s mouth. And yet the streak is not a triumph of reason. We feel like a bitter aftertaste in […]