The Slovak factory helps Škoda. Karoq began production in Volkswagen

In Kvasiny, it is not possible to produce the Škoda Karoq in such a way as to satisfy high demand and the waiting times for the car have not been extended to months. Therefore, a line was put into operation in the Slovak factory of Volkswagen, which will help with the assembly of the model. […]

The introduction of the new VW Golf R is around the corner

Volkswagen has announced the premiere date through its special Instagram account. While yesterday belonged to the new Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport, today Volkswagen has decided to recall the sharpest version of the eighth Golf. In his special instagram account, Volkswagen R published a video announcing the date of its world premiere. It should take place […]

The F1 champion tested the VW electric racer. And straight to the Ring

Shortly after winning his only championship title, Nico Rosberg left the championship to eventually become a big fan of electric cars. Now he’s tried one of the faster ones. Electric race car Volkswagen ID.R – record holder from Pikes Peak and pioneer of electric technologies VW – tested F1 champion from 2016 Nico Rosberg. Shortly […]

New Volkswagen Golf Variant and its Czech prices: So far only 2.0 TDI

So far, the new Golf station wagon offers only two versions of the 2.0 TDI turbodiesel via the published configurator. However, the range of engines will gradually expand. We got to know the eighth-generation Volkswagen Golf a year ago, but since then the offer of the best-selling car in Europe has been gradually expanding. Sports […]

Porsche is investing heavily in synthetic fuels

A classic combustion engine for petrol or diesel, or an electric motor or a car for hydrogen? These are more or less already, or soon will be, conventional ways of moving the vehicle. So far, less attention has been paid to the “third” way, the development of so-called synthetic fuels, in the pursuit of greening […]

MEB: Secrets of the platform for electric Skoda or VW

MEB is a kind of similar to the already well-known MQB platform. However, since it is primarily developed for electric cars, it is fundamentally different from technology for conventional cars. The Volkswagen Group has been a promoter of so-called modular technology for many years, when one base can be used as a jigsaw puzzle in […]

TV AUTO NEWS TESTED: Seat Leon ST still has its own special handwriting (+ VIDEO)

The Seat Leon Sportstourer station wagon is already beautiful and youthful. To get an independent view, TV Auto News visited a man with a previous generation of Leon, also in red, also with a petrol turbo, also with 18-inch wheels and, of course, FR. Rūdolfs Bergmanis, the manager of the motorcycle shop and motorcycle driving […]