This man was stabbed by a broken bottle to death to protect his girlfriend

MELBOURNE, – A man was allegedly stabbed to death with a broken bottle while protecting his girlfriend from attacks by members geng. The man named Carpenter Cam Smith (26) was stabbed while fighting four people while trying to buy a pizza on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia, said the police. The incident was witnessed […]

Australian released in exchange for three Iranian prisoners …

Australian-British academic Kylie Moore-Gilbert has been released from prison in Tehran in exchange for the release of three Iranian prisoners. The Iranian state television channel Irib reported this on Wednesday and is confirmed by Australia. Irib did not provide further details on the three Iranian detainees, but the channel is considered knowledgeable and close to […]

9 Australian Soldiers Commit Suicide Amidst War Crimes Scandal

loading… SYDNEY – Nine soldiers Australia suicide for the last three weeks. The life-ending action comes amid a war crimes scandal by Australian special forces in Afghanistan in 2005 and 2016 whose investigative report came out a few days ago. The newspaper reported the suicide of nine soldiers Daily Mail on Monday (23/11/2020). (Read: Australian […]

Australian soldiers recorded shooting dead Afghan soldiers are not armed. Page all

CANBERRA, – A recording shows a soldier Australia (SAS) shoots dead a man Afghanistan unarmed, crouching on the ground. Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds said she felt shocked and embarrassed after the video turned out to be more suspicious war crimes Australian special forces in Afghanistan. A 4-year investigation uncovers evidence that Australian troops […]

Australian SAS Team Leader Forces New Members to Kill Prisoners in Afghanistan Page all

CANBERRA, – Leaders of elite forces Australia SAS reportedly forced new recruits to shoot prisoners to death to make them “bleed”. The disclosure of the news came amid allegations that the “Kangaroo Country” military was suspected of committing it murder extrajudicial in Afghanistan between 2007-2013. General Angus Campbell, Head of the Australian Defense Forces, […]

Pizza Employee Lies Ending Lockdown in Australia

Canberra – A pizza shop clerk at South Australia lied about how he caught the virus Corona. As a result, the country will end the Corona lockdown. Reporting from AFP, Friday (20/11/2020) Prime Minister Steven Marshall indicated the tough lockdown would end on Saturday (21/11) night, at least two days earlier than planned. Marshall said […]

Its Name Is Just Elitious, The Conduct of Australian Special Forces Sent to Afghanistan Is Far From Its Name: Killing Civilians and Prisoners for Fun and Earning Honor

Sosok.ID – War Afghanistan not only involving the country’s soldiers. Troops from overseas such as the United States along with coalition they are also sent to Afghanistan. One of which is Australia, who joined the Coalition International Against Terrorism. Also Read: Its status is indeed the poorest country in the world, but who would have […]