New Species of Gecko with Psychedelic Eyes Discovered in Southern Western Australia

A new species of gecko with beautiful psychedelic eyes has been discovered in the forests of southern Western Australia. Photo: Anders Zimny/Sadlier et al. 2023/Live Science MELBOURNE – Species gecko recently with beautiful psychedelic eyes found a forested area in the south Australia West. Psychedelic is defined as a pattern of bright colors with symmetrical […]

Australia Plans to Strengthen AI Regulatory Legislation and Fully Ban Deep Fakes

Original title: Australia plans to strengthen AI regulatory legislation, intends to fully ban deep fakes IT House June 1 news, according to Reuters, Australian officials said today that due to concerns about technology abuse,More regulations are being planned for artificial intelligence, including a possible ban on deepfakes and false content that appears too real。 The […]

Scientists Uncover 107-Million-Year-Old Fossils of Giant Flying Reptiles in Australia

SYDNEY, May 31 (Xinhua) — Scientists on Wednesday announced the examination of two small, 107-million-year-old fossils that belonged to giant flying reptiles. which once flew in the middle of the Australian sky The fossil was discovered in Victoria in the 1980s, but researchers have only recently been able to confirm its origin. The study, published […]

Australian Scientists Make Groundbreaking Progress in Endometriosis Treatment

Australian scientists have made a major breakthrough in the treatment of endometriosis. The research may lead to better treatment of the chronic uterine disease. Researchers at the Royal Hospital in Sydney have grown tissue of every known type endometriosis. This allowed them to test multiple treatments for different variants of the condition. This allowed them […]

“Burning Mountain: The Australian Fire That Has Burned for Over 6,000 Years”

Jakarta – This world has a number of eternal flames scattered in various countries. Some examples are the blue fire in the crater of Mount Ijen, East Java and the blue fire in Iceland. Speaking of eternal flames, our neighboring country Australia also has fires that have been burning for thousands of years. The fire […]

“Get Your Kids Vaccinated Against Influenza: Only 1 in 10 Aussie Kids Have Had the Jab”

With winter fast approaching, health professionals in Australia are calling on parents to vaccinate their children against influenza. A new report from the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) National Child Health Poll indicates that only 10% of children in Australia have received the flu shot. Additionally, 57% of Australian children are predicted to be vaccinated this […]