“Fertiberia TECH unveils its latest range of biotech items”

In line with the demands for new, more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, Fertiberia TECH, Grupo Fertiberia’s most technological plant nutrition solutions brand, has launched the new Neoforce Care line. AGRO professional – Madrid 21/03/2023 Fertiberia TECH, a brand that represents Grupo Fertiberia’s most technological plant nutrition solutions, has just launched a new line of […]

Separated at birth, but with the same life

James Lewis and Jim Springer, twin brothers born in 1940, were separated at birth. In 1979, not only did they meet again, but they discovered that they had been doing the same thing for more than three decades. For starters, both of their adoptive parents gave them the same name: James or Jim for short. […]

Food for women: an unhealthy punishment

Oddly enough, in the 21st century, the food industry still produces edible products aimed at women. We are talking about infusions, drinks, cold cuts, dairy products or substitute bars that are clearly identifiable by their pink color and, in some cases, by the female silhouettes or photos that appear on their packages. They all have […]

Offenbacher Theaterclub Elmar presents “Die

cultural The turbulent comedy plays on 18./19. March in the Willy-Brandt-Halle Mühlheim by Karl-Heinz Stier (27.02.2023) Three men, one destiny: all were married to the same woman and never want to marry again… until a matchmaker shows up with three daughters in her luggage. The spa doctor Wendeborn, the music scholar Laurentius and the embassy […]

Scientists Confused See Ring Clusters at the End of the Solar System

Illustration showing the location of the ring of the dwarf planet Quaoar, compared to the Roche Limit, the max. ©Paris Observatory Reporter: Hari Ariyanti Merdeka.com – Astronomers discovered an entirely new ring system within the solar system, and it was so far from its parent dwarf planet that it was once thought impossible. The ring […]

The Russian Football Union stumbled in the transition

In the coming days, the Russian Football Federation (RFU) will have to resolve, it seems, the most pressing issue for it now – the transition from the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to the Asian Football Confederation (AFC). His idea arose in connection with UEFA sanctions, which for a long time deprived both domestic […]

The companies donate two vehicles: Herbolzheim

The ecumenical service center Sankt Franziskus Unterer Breisgau will receive two new cars. This was only possible with the help of donations. Double joy at the Sankt Franziskus Unterer Breisgau Ecumenical Care Centre: The facility was able to celebrate a double growth of its vehicle fleet. Thanks to some sponsors, the company cars were put […]

Pat systems will transform the war in Ukraine…

Official confirmation will probably come soon, but it is almost certain that Ukraine will receive American Patriot missile systems, and this is a very important milestone. Recall that we are talking about advanced air defense systems that are located in key areas of Europe and the Middle East, and the United States has long hesitated […]