Bernese space researcher Hans Balsiger dies – Switzerland

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The media have figured out “Dava’s mistress and Buzova’s rival”

The sudden “divorce” of Olga Buzova and her seemingly ideal lover Dava Manukyan gave rise to a lot of rumors. The Russians who followed the development of the couple’s relationship could not believe how such a beautiful love story, a long-awaited wedding and confessions against the backdrop of paradise landscapes in a matter of a […]

Royal Society | And in the middle of all the bustle … the league

Donostia – Continue bingeing on Andalusian gazpacho. And there is still the last portion, with the Copa del Rey game next Tuesday. Next Saturday, Real will visit Villarreal in their first meeting unrelated to the south of the peninsula since January 3, when they received Osasuna in Anoeta. Along the way, the txuri-urdin have met […]

The risk of poverty in large cities is higher than the national average

In metropolitan areas, a particularly large number of people are affected by poverty. Petra Nowack / Imago Images Berlin. The proportion of poor people in Germany’s metropolitan areas is significantly higher than in most cities and rural areas. And the scissors widen further. Hanover is also affected. The relative poverty rate was highest in 2019 […]

[1/22 General Epidemic News]Football legend Xi Dan infected Tokyo girl infected with British variant virus may cause community infection | Apple News | Apple Daily

After Wuhan pneumonia spread from China to the world in December 2019, as of today (22nd), more than 97.73 million people have been infected with the disease, of which nearly 2.095 million have died. Another sports celebrity announced the diagnosis. Real Madrid of Spain confirmed today that Zinedine Zidane, now the coach of Real Madrid, […]

Netflix revives the old zapping of the tv with a button to know what to watch

Netflix confirmed the proof of a random mode on your platform, which prevents the user from choosing what he wants to see. The online platform will reach the world throughout the first half of 2021. Netflix referred in the results of the fourth quarter of 2020, the test of a feature that allows users see […]

Snapchat will finally pay content creators like TikTok

As reported by the US news website Business Insider, the move is a sign that the platform is determined to compete more strongly with TikTok in the area of ​​short videos, said The New York Times. Cam Casey, a TikTok user with more than seven million subscribers, told the newspaper he started using Snapchat’s “Spotlight” […]