Weather / Emergency bulletin from EMY – Where storms will hit

The strong weather phenomena are not expected to prevail throughout the three days of the Holy Spirit – A new update is expected from the EMY Temporary deterioration the weather is expected to show from the morning hours of Friday (02-06-2023), at Cretethe Cyclades and gradually to Dodecanesefrom a barometric low that moves south of […]

Weather / 15-year record for rainy days this May

High levels of rain were recorded last month in many parts of the country, according to the meteo of the National Observatory THE umbrella it was the main accessory this May, as we all found out and its figures prove it meteo of the National Observatory of Athens. In particular, as meteo scientists report, after […]

“Heavy Rain and Flash Flood Alert in Thailand: June 1, 2023 Weather Forecast”

Today’s weather (June 1, 2023), the Meteorological Department warns all over Thailand of heavy to very heavy rain. flash flood risk The southern part is heaviest with strong winds. Meteorological Department Weather forecast report for the next 24 hours between 6:00 p.m. on May 31, 2023 and 6:00 p.m. on June 1, 2023, there are […]

Perama / In the Korai square in the afternoon the new mobilization of the workers

Mobilizations escalate in the afternoon for substantive measures after the new industrial accident in Shipbuilding – New rally and march in the morning It was also massive new gathering and protest march of workers in the Perama Shipyard Repair Zonewhere started on Wednesday morning from the ISAP station in Piraeus. The demonstrations are in their […]