NRW shines in rainbow colors – Wehrle: setting an example

NRW shines in rainbow colors – Wehrle: setting an example>news>

22. June 2021 – 18:51 Clock

Cologne (dpa / lnw) – All of North Rhine-Westphalia football is colorful and shows solidarity. Many cities and associations set a shining example of tolerance and diversity. After UEFA has banned the stadium in Munich from shining in rainbow colors during the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary, many cities and stadiums will instead shine in rainbow colors on Wednesday.

The pylons at the Cologne stadium should shine brightly in rainbow colors on Wednesday evening between 9 p.m. and midnight. This was confirmed by the Cologne sports facilities and the Bundesliga club on Tuesday after the WDR had previously reported on it. In Düsseldorf, the rainbow flag is projected on the north side onto the outer shell of the stadium, which will also be the venue for the 2024 European Championship.

“We welcome that very much. Cologne and FC stand for diversity and tolerance. The developments in Hungary are terrifying – it is all the more important to set an example against it,” said FC managing director Alexander Wehrle. The Cologne sports facilities decided on the initiative of various groups from Cologne’s urban society as a sign of protest against Hungarian legislation.

“Düsseldorf stands for a cosmopolitan and tolerant society,” said Mayor Stephan Keller: “That is why the rainbow flag will be projected onto the MERKUR SPIEL-ARENA for the European Championship match between Germany and Hungary Rhine set a visible sign of respect, tolerance and peace. “

Previously, a motion by the Munich City Council was rejected by UEFA to light the Munich stadium as the venue for the game against Hungary in rainbow colors as a signal for diversity and self-determined ways of life of sexual orientation.

Dortmund, Mönchengladbach and Bochum also set clear signals. Flags in rainbow colors are hoisted at Borussia Park. In Dortmund, the city’s distinctive buildings such as the television tower and the Dortmunder U as well as some museums should shine brightly throughout the day. Bochum’s Lord Mayor Thomas Eiskirch has also decided: We’ll hang up the rainbow flag. “The rainbow flag is a symbol of openness and tolerance and a visible signal for our common understanding of values,” said the SPD politician.

In the Schalker Arena, the rainbow colors can be seen on the large video cube. In a tweet, Schalke said: “No provocation, but a matter of course! The # S04 stands for diversity and tolerance”.

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COVID-19 wreaks havoc on patients’ brains. One in three patients has neurological or psychiatric problems

COVID-19 wreaks havoc on patients’ brains.  One in three patients has neurological or psychiatric problems

A recent study by Oxford University experts, to which specialists from Imperial College also contributed, shows that COVID-19 infection can wreak havoc on patients’ brains. Thus, researchers have shown that SARS-CoV-2 infection can be extremely harmful to the brain, causing serious cognitive deficits such as “brain fog”, seizures, depression, loss of sense of smell (anosmia), altered sense of taste (dysgeusia). , hearing loss, but also permanent neurological deficits due to strokes.

The UK study is the first to document brain changes in a large group of patients who underwent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans both before and after COVID-19 infections. These were compared with similar tests performed on patients who did not go through the disease.

Patients, associated on several criteria

Specifically, the experts compared the results of analyzes to which 782 people were subjected. Of these, 394 were infected with SARS-CoV-2 between March 2020 and April 2021, but most had COVID-19 after October 2020, when the number of infections exploded in the UK.

Of the 394 infected, 15 had more severe forms of the disease and were hospitalized for an average of 10 days. Brain scans in this group were compared with MRI brain scans of 388 people who had not been infected with COVID-19. For a better accuracy of the study, people in the two groups were associated with age, sex, ethnicity and basic metabolic factors, including blood pressure and body mass index, the latter being considered an indicator for obesity, a factor of risk for COVID-19 severity.

Affected areas

Comparing the two groups of MRI analyzes, those performed before and after infection, the experts observed that patients who underwent COVID-19 lost gray mass in certain parts of the brain and that those who did not have the disease did not manifested.

The loss of gray matter is considered very serious because it is responsible for processing the signals generated in the sensory organs. The researchers also found abnormalities of the olfactory and gustatory systems, as well as affecting the area responsible for memory. In addition, the orbitofrontal cortex, responsible for emotion, was also affected.

One in three patients has neurological or psychiatric problems

In fact, another study by Oxford experts showed that about a third of patients who went through COVID-19 were diagnosed with neurological or psychiatric conditions. The study found these sequelae over a period of at least six months after SARS-CoV-2 infection. The British studied a sample of 236,379 COVID-19 survivors, of whom 33.6% had neurological or psychiatric impairment. Moreover, in patients who needed hospitalization for intensive care, the damage amounted to 46.4%. Among other things, patients developed intracranial hemorrhage, ischemic stroke, Parkinson’s syndrome, Guillain-Barré syndrome, nerve disorders, nerve root and plexus, or even dementia.

Very severely, stroke affected 2% of all patients with COVID-19, increasing to 7% of those admitted to intensive care and 9% of those who had delirium. Dementia was also diagnosed in 0.7% of all infected patients, increasing to 5% of those who experienced delirium as a symptom.

Finally, mood, anxiety, or psychotic disorders affected 24% of all patients, but this increased to 25% in those hospitalized, 28% in people who had ATI, and 36% in those who suffered from delirium. during illness.

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Director of the Sinovac study in Chile accused “overvaluation” of the vaccination process

Director of the Sinovac study in Chile accused “overvaluation” of the vaccination process

The doctor Alexis Kalergis, director of the Sinovac study in Chile, assured in Cooperative that in some countries the vaccination process has been “overrated” and that the necessary support through restriction of mobility and other measures has not been taken into account.

In relation to the so-called “pandemic fatigue”, Kalergis asserted that “In several countries there has been an overvaluation of vaccination, to the point of thinking that it is the solution, and in the long term, vaccination and immunity could clearly decrease viral circulation, but in the short term Vaccination must be supported with strategies such as restriction of mobility, testing, traceability and isolation of cases and any measure that goes in the direction of preventing infections, such as the use of a mask, which of course is very important. “

In conversation with The Cooperative Diary, the expert stated that “now we are rather concerned about population effectiveness and the eventual need for immunity boosters (…) is not something new at all, a significant number of vaccines used in the population require reinforcement by means of additional doses “.

However, he stated that “I think it is not the moment yet to make the decision “on the incoculation of a third dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 in the country.


American Football – NFL player Carl Nassib makes homosexuality public – sport

American Football – NFL player Carl Nassib makes homosexuality public – sport

Las Vegas (AP) – The football professional Carl Nassib has made his homosexuality public in a much-noticed step as the first active NFL player.

“What’s up, guys,” said the defensive end of the Las Vegas Raiders in a video posted on Instagram. “I just wanted to take a minute and say I’m gay. I’ve wanted to do this for a while and I’m finally comfortable getting rid of it.”

The 28-year-old thanked his family and friends for the support he had recently made it possible to “say publicly and proudly that I am gay”. For the past 15 years, this moment has “sadly” tormented him, he added in an accompanying text.

Support from coaches and teammates

Nassib reported that he had received support from the NFL, his coaches and teammates. He was immediately greeted with “the greatest respect and acceptance”. He doesn’t take the step because he wants attention. “I just think that representation and visibility are so important,” he said. He will support the Trevor Project with $ 100,000. The organization runs a telephone counseling service for young LGBTQ people.

“The NFL family is proud of Carl for sharing his truth so courageously today,” said NFL boss Roger Goodell in a statement. “Representation is important. We share his hope that statements like his will one day no longer be newsworthy as we march towards full equality for the LGBTQ + community. We wish Carl the best of luck for the season ahead.”

The wide-reaching reactions in the social networks were also predominantly positive and supportive. The Raiders commented, “Are proud of you Carl”. The post was shared by the Los Angeles Chargers and headed “Some things are bigger than a rivalry”. LGBTQ + community stakeholders praised the move as important and helpful.

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They report that the Abdala vaccine has an efficacy of …

They report that the Abdala vaccine has an efficacy of …

Cuba reported this Monday that its three-injection Abdala vaccine against the coronavirus demonstrated an effectiveness of 92.28 percent in phase 3 clinical trials. BioCubaFarma, the laboratory that designed the immunizer that is close to becoming the first dose against the coronavirus created in Latin America.

“Abdala, a vaccine candidate from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, shows an efficacy of 92.28%, in his 3-dose scheme,” the laboratory celebrated in a Twitter message.

With these results, Abdala would be officially considered a vaccine against covid-19, since the efficacy requirements demanded by the World Health Organization establish a 50 percent efficacy for the registration of vaccines. The Cuban authorities have announced that in a couple of weeks they hope to ask the regulatory authority for permission for the emergency use of the vaccines, although immunization has already begun on the island with the “population intervention study.”

The announcement came just days after the government said another homegrown vaccine, Sovereign II, had shown 62 percent effectiveness.

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel went to the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) to learn first-hand the details of Abdala’s effectiveness, as the president recently announced from his Twitter account. “Hit by two pandemics (covid-19 and blockade), our scientists from Finlay and CIGB, have jumped over all obstacles and have given us two very effective vaccines: Soberana and Abdala,” the official wrote.

The announcement comes at a time when the island is experiencing a strong outbreak of the disease. This Monday registered one of its worst days in terms of positive cases with 1,561, while since the beginning of the pandemic, 169,365 infections and 1,170 deaths have been recorded.


Vaccine against covid-19 in CABA: this Tuesday we h …

Vaccine against covid-19 in CABA: this Tuesday we h …

The City of Buenos Aires will enable on Tuesday morning the registration to be vaccinated against the coronavirus to people over 40 to 44 years old without risk factors. The announcement will be made at 8 o’clock, at a press conference, by the Minister of Health of the City, Fernán Quirós. Once it is finished, the registration will open at 8:30.

Those who meet the established age and wish to register must enter the web: and fill in all the requested fields with personal information.

At the end of the form loading, they will receive a notification via WhatsApp and an SMS with confirmation of registration. Subsequently, they must wait for the date and time of the assigned shift to be reported.

On the day of immunization, they should approach the chosen vaccination center with DNI. After receiving the injection, the inoculated person must remain for half an hour under observation, then they will be given a certificate and can return home.

So far, the City of Buenos Aires has applied 1,647,452 doses of vaccines against covid-19 of the 1,667,809 that were distributed, according to data from the Public Vaccination Monitor.


Coronavirus: Only one in ten people is going …

Coronavirus: Only one in ten people is going …

In Latin America only one in 10 people is vaccinated against the coronavirus, despite the fact that the cases continue to increase and the threat posed by the new variants of the disease that circulate in the region.

In this context, the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa Etienne, asked the G7 countries to give priority to this region when donating one billion vaccines as promised at the last summit. “Only one in ten people has been vaccinated in this part of the world, where hospitals are full, variants circulate rapidly and vaccines are urgently needed today“Etienne said.

In the opinion of the official, “Countries that are suffering the most must be at the front of the line” to receive vaccine donations. It is worth noting that a dozen countries concentrate about 80% of the doses produced against covid-19.

When reporting on the lethal trajectory of the pandemic, the PAHO Director stressed that In the last week, more than 1.1 million new cases and 31,000 deaths were registered in America.

While, Since the beginning of the pandemic, the 33 countries that make up Latin America and the Caribbean -according to the UN- have accounted for more than 35 million cases of covid-19 and more than 1.2 million deaths. These figures represent 20 percent of infections and about a third of deaths worldwide, when the region only represents 8 percent of the planet’s population.

Half of all infections (17.5 million) registered in this region occurred in Brazil, which is the third country in the world with the most cases in absolute terms, only behind the United States and India. Brazil is also the second country with the most deaths on the planet (501,000), behind again the United States and ahead of India and Mexico, which is in fourth place with 231,000 deaths.

The country in the world with the highest mortality rate is also in the Latin American region: Peru, whose ratio exceeds 590 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants after the statistical adjustment he made in early June. The other four most populous countries in Latin America – Brazil, Colombia, Argentina and Mexico – are also among the 20 with the most deaths in relation to their population.

“The trends we are seeing are clear: Across the region, this year has been worse than last. In many places, infections are higher now than at any time during this pandemic, “Etienne noted. He insisted that it will take “years” to control the virus in this region if vaccination is not advanced.

How is the immunization campaign in Latin America

In the past week, The United States Government announced that it will soften -just slightly- the blockade against Venezuela to allow the acquisition of materials related to the pandemic, such as vaccines, masks, oxygen tanks or ventilators. The decision comes after an analysis within Joe Biden’s administration to assess whether sanctions “are unduly hampering responses to the pandemic” by affected countries.

This will allow the South American country, which has received 3.23 million vaccines so far, to advance its vaccination plan. The Venezuelan Executive expects to complete 22 million doses to immunize 70 percent of the population.

For its part, Mexico premiered in Baja California the first doses of the 1.35 million Johnson & Johnson vaccines donated by the United States to reopen the border, closed to non-essential travel for 15 months.

The authorities enabled 16 vaccination points in the 6 municipalities of the state. Up to now, Mexico supplied just over 38 million doses of different drugs and more than 15 million citizens completed their vaccination schedule in a country of 126 million inhabitants.

While, Argentina reached 18,175,234 vaccines applied, of which 14,483,723 correspond to the first dose, and 3,691,511 to the second, according to the Public Vaccination Monitoring. For this week it is estimated that the number of vaccines that will reach Ezeiza will exceed five million doses on two flights from China, two flights from the United States and two from Moscow.

Finally, Brazil applied a record 2.56 million vaccines nationwide on Thursday (2.09 million with the first dose and 132,686 with the second), which in five months has already offered the first dose to 60.38 million people, 28.5 percent of its 212 million inhabitants. The second dose, however, was only applied to 24.03 million Brazilians, 11.4 percent of the population..


Opposition laments violations in parliamentary elections in Armenia – International

Opposition laments violations in parliamentary elections in Armenia – International

ERIWAN – In the early parliamentary elections in the ex-Soviet republic of Armenia in the South Caucasus, the opposition complained of numerous violations. Former President Robert Kocharyan and his party bloc Armenia complained that masses of leaflets were distributed in the capital, Yerevan, on which the 66-year-old can be seen with blood on his hands and on his shirt. Kocharyan spoke of a “monstrous incident”. Along with the incumbent Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, he is the favorite in the vote on Sunday.


Jungfrau Zeitung – A woman without airs

Jungfrau Zeitung – A woman without airs

Political | 19. June 2021

The Zeeland native with roots in the city of Bern has been the cantonal finance director since 2010. Beatrice Simon will retire next year. Reason enough for a visit to your office and a look back into the past and a look into the future, accompanied by a side glance into the hereafter.

Beatrice Simon – the finance director of the canton of Bern, will also be the district president in 2021/22.Photos: Naomi Hodler

Beatrice Simon sits in court almost every day. Before the Last Judgment. There is probably no comparable office of a magistrate in Switzerland, which is connected in a similar way with both this world and the hereafter, as that of the Bernese finance director in Tscharner-Haus at Münsterplatz 12 in Bern.

Office in the birthplace of the legendary Madame de Meuron

In a paneled corner room of the building, where a certain Elisabeth von Tscharner saw the light of day in 1882 and later became famous throughout Switzerland as the legendary Madame de Meuron, Beatrice Simon “commands” the Bernese treasury. And whenever she pauses briefly while studying the files and lifts her eyes, willy-nilly her gaze falls on the opposite cathedral portal with the 234 finely crafted sandstone figures depicting the Last Judgment.

Matthias Mast visits Beatrice Simon's office for the summit.

Matthias Mast visits Beatrice Simon’s office for the summit.

At the center of power in what was once the most powerful city-state north of the Alps

To what extent this depiction of a divine judgment that concludes world events, which judges all living and dead and heaven and eternal damnation, influences the work of the government councilor vis-à-vis is beyond the knowledge of the writer. Faith is a private matter and politics is not under spiritual but worldly jurisdiction. But the fascination of this world-famous late Gothic collection of sculptures above the main portal of the Bern Minster, which survived the iconoclasm of the Reformation, is difficult to evade and – like the whole of the cathedral, which was decided in 1420 as a demonstration of power – the times of the once most powerful city state north of the Alps. The time when the patriciate was the real center of power in the sovereign city and republic of Bern.


Always “possible” and close to the people: Government Councilor Beatrice Simon in her office at Münsterplatz 12.

Beatrice Simon’s election had an air of revolution about it

But the times of gracious gentlemen with the aura of divine grace are long gone – today’s Bern government is presided over by a woman without gracious airs, but with a pleasant straightforwardness. “She has an open eye, always looks the other person in the eye and always appears interested and unaffected,” says Peter Wäch, long-time Ringier and Tamedia journalist, about Beatrice Simon. Beatrice Simon has been a member of the Bernese government for eleven years. Your election in 2010 wafted a touch of revolution, as it was the culmination of the BDP split from the SVP on cantonal soil.

Simon like Merkel …?

Tempi passati. The BDP no longer exists; it merged with the CVP to form Die Mitte. But Beatrice Simon still exists. And the fact that, despite the weakening party base, she shone with the best result in all government council re-elections shows: Beatrice Simon hovers over the parties in the Bern area, similar to Chancellor Angela Merkel over the Federal Republic. What mum in Germany is Mueti in the Bern area? Not quite, because in contrast to Merkel, Simon neither makes a diamond nor a “Lätsch”.

The praise of the colleague

On the contrary, Beatrice Simon seems to be in a good mood all the time, her sunny face has become her trademark, even during the hard backbreaking work in the Grand Council and even during the weekly government meetings: “She is a capable person!”, Police Director Philippe Müller praised his colleague in the government council.

From this desk Beatrice Simon

From this desk Beatrice Simon “directs” the Bernese canton finances, and when she looks up from the files and looks out the window, …

... she looks at the «Last Judgment» at the cathedral opposite.

… she looks at the «Last Judgment» at the cathedral opposite.

Stubborn or Consistent?

Of course, there are also critical voices about the canton’s chief financial officer: Simon is just as stubborn as Merkel, and she wants to save everywhere except … in her finance department, they say – behind closed doors. This begs the question of all questions: How can you determine whether something is a consistent attitude or already stubbornness? You are cordially invited to ask yourself this question …

The tragedy of the cantonal financial policy

With a view to the foreseeable end of her reign in June of next year, a quote from Friedrich Nietzsche is dedicated to Beatrice Simon: “Many stubbornly pursue the path, only a few stubbornly pursue the goal,” said the German philosopher.

Unfortunately, since Napoleon’s troops stole the Bern state treasure, the tragedy of every person who is responsible for the financial policy of the Canton of Bern is that they never achieve the goal of low taxes and a balanced state budget. What Beatrice Simon says about this statement or allegation of the writer, the reader in the «Summit» on to heart 1: 1. So much can be revealed: Beatrice Simon never owes an answer!

“The servant of the heart” has hardly changed

Let us return to the essence of this woman who – in contrast to many other people who burden themselves with office and dignity – has hardly changed during her term of office. Only the teasing nose piercing has disappeared in the course of their government activities. “She has always remained true to herself and has remained warmly connected to everyone”, praises communications specialist Peter Wäch, adding one more thing: “Beatrice Simon is a servant of the heart!”

What she will do after retirement will remain a secret for the time being to Beatrice Simons

The current top servant of the canton will retire next year. But it won’t completely disappear from the scene: “I have various offers, but I don’t yet know what I’m going to do,” says the district president, adding: “I don’t necessarily have to work in the business sector. I can also imagine taking on a voluntary role in the social field. It’s good to be able to give something back to society after a successful and happy career, ”says Simon. Words that come from the heart and touch the heart.

The summit team experienced a taste of Simon’s cordiality during their visit to the finance minister’s office. Whether in an interview, in front of or behind the camera, in the office or on the short walk afterwards on the Münsterplatz and on the Münster platform, Beatrice Simon is always fresh in spirit, cheerful in spirit and “bland” in expression.

To person

Born on December 21, 1960

Grew up in the city of Bern

After compulsory schooling, commercial apprenticeship

Jobs in various industries and companies (interior design, metal construction, scaffolding, architecture, nursing vocational school, trade and others)

Further training in marketing and personnel management.

Languages: French, English, Italian and Spanish

Married to Helmut Simon since 1982, teacher in her home town of Seedorf.

Parents of two adult daughters.

1995 to 2010 councilor of Seedorf, seven years of which as councilor.

2006 to 2010 member of the councilor, until 2008 vice-president of the SVP parliamentary group, in the same year she moved to the BDP, which she chaired until 2010.

2010 election to the Government Council, since June 2010 Finance Director of the Canton of Bern.

In 2014 and 2018 she was confirmed with the best result in office.

Beatrice Simon will step down from the government at the end of the legislature next year.


Potential Cuban vaccine “Soberana 02” shows 62% efficacy in trials

Potential Cuban vaccine “Soberana 02” shows 62% efficacy in trials

The Sovereign 02 vaccine candidate against coronavirus, developed by the Finlay Vaccine Institute (IFV) of Cuba, showed an efficacy of 62% in the preliminary analyzes of the third phase of clinical trialsThe scientists responsible for the research reported this Saturday.

The director of the IFV, Vicente Vérez, specified on state television that the percentage has been obtained from the intermediate analysis of the results in the volunteers to whom they were applied two doses of Sovereign 02 28 days apart.

This formula, one of the five being investigated in Cuba, is a subunit conjugate vaccine -traditionally very safe- that combines virus antigen and tetanus toxoid to stimulate the response of the immune system.

Vérez described as “very comforting“the result, because it has been obtained in a scenario of circulation” of the most worrying variants due to their transmissibility “.

He also stressed that with these results meet the requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider a candidate under study as an “effective vaccine”, since that organism establishes a minimum efficacy of 50%.

IFV scientists advanced that in In the next few days, the authorization of emergency use of Soberana 02 will be requested from the Center for State Control of Medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED), the regulatory body in Cuba.

Once approved for emergency use, Soberana 02 would officially acquire the category of vaccine and would become the first against Covid-19 developed in Latin America.

The result announced today was obtained by an interdisciplinary, independent scientific committee, with professionals from the Pedro Kourí Institute of Tropical Medicine, the Center for Molecular Immunology and the Ministry of Public Health.


Once the preliminary efficacy results of the two-dose schedule are known, It remains to be seen that of the second scheme used in clinical trials, consisting of two doses of Soberana 02 and one dose of Soberana Plus.

According to Vérez, they hope to have this data in about two weeks, and that the efficacy achieved by this three-dose scheme is higher than the 67% obtained by the two-dose scheme.

The third phase of clinical trials of Soberana 02, carried out entirely in Havana with a double-blind protocol and placebo group, included 44,010 volunteers aged 19 to 80 years.

It was also carried out in parallel a third phase of studies in Iran, by virtue of an agreement with the Pasteur Institute of that country, which has just announced that at the beginning of next week it could authorize its emergency use – there the Cuban formula has been baptized as Pasteur-.

This week also began the clinical trial of Soberana 02 in pediatric ages, initially with a group of children between 12 and 18 years old.

Congratulations Cuba. On the eve of Father’s Day and 13 months of searching for a Cuban vaccine, it is confirmed that with 2 doses, Soberana02 reached a good percentage of efficacy. We will soon know the data with the third dose of SoberanaPlus, which must be higher, “wrote on Twitter the Cuban President, Miguel Díaz-Canel.

Cuba has a second vaccine candidate in the last phase of clinical trials, Abdala, developed by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, and whose efficacy is also expected to be known shortly.

Both Soberana 02 and Abdala have already been administered to tens of thousands of Cubans under the figure of health intervention studies and in parallel to clinical trials.

According to official figures, just over two million Cubans, out of a population of 11 million, have received at least one dose of these formulas.

Cuba is not a member of the Covax Mechanism of the World Health Organization created for low- and middle-income countries to access vaccines, nor has it purchased them on the international market.

The country, which has been going through the third and worst wave of infections since January, has accumulated 166,368 infections and 1,148 deaths from covid-19 to date.