Easy Recipe for Itchy Skin Disease or Psoriasis by Doctor Zaidul Akbar

DESKABABLE – Do not take lightly itchy skin. If left unchecked, it is not impossible to get an infection, it can even cause much more serious problems. In some cases, psoriasis can cause several other conditions such as, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, high blood pressure. To treat itchy skin Psoriasis, a preacher who also professed as […]

The doctor who loved music

Obituary. Vicente Garcia Medina The head of the Radiology service at the Reina Sofía Hospital, Vicente García Medina, died yesterday of prostate cancer. The news caused great “consternation” in the “Queen’s great family,” underlined the medical director of health area VII, Fernando de la Cierva. «He has been an example for all of us; He […]

In Israel, thousands of doctors quit because of 26-hour shifts

Photo: casagrandeaz.gov More than 2,500 doctors quit in protest in Israel Doctors sent a letter to the minister stating that “exhausted” doctors should not work in hospitals. More than 2,500 interns in Israel have resigned in protest against the 26-hour shift. About it informs The Times of Israel on Friday 8 October. The letter to […]

This doctor drugged a policewoman and then raped her

loading… LUCKNOW – Government doctor India has been arrested by police on charges of having rape a policewoman in Lucknow. The doctor was arrested on Tuesday (28/9/2021) night. The victim filed a report alleging the suspect drugged her at a clinic in the Krishna Nagar region. Also read: Prince of Saudi Arabia: Taliban Version of […]

Doctor Virgil Păunescu raises an ALARM SIGN: Repeating the vaccine several times could still create problems – News by sources

The vice-president of the Academy of Medical Sciences and the coordinator of the OncoGen Center, prof. Dr. Virgil Păunescu, declared, on Thursday, during a round table online with the topic “Scientific and technological progress in the development of coronavirus vaccines (SARS-CoV-2). COVID-19 “pandemic, that the administration of the current vaccine doses, which protect us for […]

Unlike breast cancer, prostate cancer cannot be detected by touch

Merdeka.com – Some types of cancer, can be recognized easily based on the visual. However, some other types such as breast cancer can be recognized by touch or touch. Unlike breast cancer, early detection of prostate cancer cannot be done by simply touching certain organs, said a urologist from the Indonesian Association of Urologists (IAUI) […]

Women skip cancer screenings during pandemic | Forward Valley

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia – The COVID-19 pandemic increased the doubt among women to attend their routine and potentially life-saving cancer screenings, but a recent survey indicates intent to “go back to their appointments.” The Prevent Cancer Foundation published a survey conducted in August 2021 of 2,003 women and persons assigned women at birth between the ages […]