German Chancellor Scholz negatively supports Daewoo Kra fighter jets. arms race warning

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has denounced fighter aid to Ukraine. Chancellor Scholz said in an interview with the German newspaper Tagesspiegel on the 29th, “It is not okay to constantly compete to outperform each other over weapon systems.” In particular, the possibility of fighter jet support for Ukraine was “not an issue at all,” he […]

Russia is bringing the “tsarist wolves” into the Ukraine war

The entry of new technologies into the Russian-Ukrainian war, such as the massive use of offensive drones against civilian infrastructure facilities, has turned into a new lesson in modern martial arts, and experts say that the two sides are racing against time to employ this lesson by developing mechanisms to confront “swarms of drones” launching […]

Ukraine, Hungarian Prime Minister’s statement ‘unacceptable’ to call ambassador | Reuters

Ukraine’s foreign ministry said on Thursday it would summon the Hungarian ambassador to discuss the remarks made by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban about Ukraine. FILE PHOTO: Hungarian Prime Minister Orban speaks during a press conference in Budapest, December 2022. REUTERS/Marton Monus [27日 ロイター] – Ukraine’s foreign ministry said on Thursday it would summon the […]

Western countries warn of possible attacks in Turkey after burning copies of the Qur’an

Posted in: 28/01/2023 – 03:25Last updated: 28/01/2023 – 03:41 Western countries warned their citizens on Friday of attacks in Turkey against the backdrop of burning copies of the Koran in front of the Ankara embassies in Denmark and Sweden. Countries including France, Germany and the United States said they fear possible terrorist attacks targeting places […]

The Spanish economy is resilient in a deteriorating world

The Spanish economy managed to resist the deterioration in the global economy last year. This put the country in a better position than was expected less than a year before the date of the legislative elections, in an indication that the fourth largest economy in the eurozone is on its way to avoid falling into […]

US and China exchange criticism at WTO meeting over steel and aluminum tariffs | Reuters

Chinese Ambassador to the World Trade Organization (WTO) Li Chenggang on Monday strongly accused the United States of being a “one-sided bully.” (2023 REUTERS/Thomas Peter) [ジュネーブ 27日 ロイター] – At the World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting held on the 27th, China pointed out that the United States is a “one-sided bully”, while the United States […]