Dismantling of the scaffolding of Notre-Dame, the Minneapolis police “dismantled”, trial of Lamine Diack … The news of this Monday morning

The news

Floyd case. Minneapolis police “dismantled”: the authorities of this American city announced a shock measure two weeks after the death of a black man during his arrest by a white police officer, who is due to appear in court this Monday for the first time , charged with murder. Read our event. (photo Kerem Yucel. AFP)

Demonstrations. From Bristol to Budapest via Madrid and Rome, tens of thousands of Europeans joined the protests against racism, prolonging the wave of protest unleashed in the United States by the death of a black man suffocated by a white policeman in Minneapolis.

Police police. This is partly the yellow vests effect: the IGPN was charged in 2019 with an unprecedented number of judicial investigations, more than half of which target accusations of “violence” by the police.

Covid-19. The pandemic exceeded the threshold of 400,000 deaths worldwide on Sunday, continuing to grow dramatically in Latin American countries. In France, the epidemic continues to slow down: the daily toll in hospitals (13 dead) is the lowest since mid-March, before the establishment of unprecedented confinement of the population for two months. Our direct.

Municipal. The list of Anne Hidalgo and the ecologists of David Belliard comes far ahead of the voting intentions (44%) in the second round of municipal elections in Paris, ahead of those of Rachida Dati (33%) and Agnès Buzyn (20%) . Our file.

Literature. The coveted Inter Book Prize was awarded to the first novelist Anne Pauly for Before I forget (Verdier), tragicomic story full of tenderness and empathy recounting the illness and death of his father. (Re) read our review.

To be continued

Notre-Dame on January 6.

Fire. The last phase of the delicate operation of dismantling the scaffolding of the spire of Notre-Dame de Paris, deformed by the heat of the fire, must begin on Monday. To read. (Philippe Lopez. AFP)

At the bar. The scandal had dealt a severe blow to the image of sport: the former world boss of athletics, Lamine Diack, is expected Monday at the Paris court to be tried with his son and four alleged actors of a corruption pact to protect doped Russian athletes. To read.


«I used to be a savage who took acids in the woods»: Now that he has become a father and housekeeper, singer Sébastien Tellier sings the praises of family life and washing-up gloves on Domesticated. A mix of cuddly vocoderized vocals and languid electro, prepared from his “home”. (photo Louise Carrasco for Liberation)

Open letter

Guillaume Néry in the bay of Villefranche-sur-mer.

Letter to my sea … Dear Mediterranean … While confinement kept him away from his passion for two months, Guillaume Néry, former freediving champion and director, wished to pay tribute to the seas of the globe. (photo Franck Seguin)




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