Omnichannel: The 4 Useful Marketing Trends for Contact Center

🔊 Play In 2021, the consequences, still latent of the pandemic, are raising the contact center sector to its highest point, putting it to the test, but above all, demonstrating the importance and great work carried out. For this reason, this year, the contact center has to be prepared for everything to come and offer […]

Trump to release 100 penalties and penalties for last day of work

SchoolnewsCNN from the US reported, citing 3 cases close to the event that Mr.Donald Trump Prepared to pardon and reduce the penalties about 100 copies on Tuesday (19 Jan), the last day to work in the position.President of the united states 3 news sources also revealed that This pardon and punishment are effective for […]

ZDFinfo documentary about the torn America

Mainz (ots) – The storm on the Capitol showed the world what the anger is causing the supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump to take to the streets. Until the very end, the elected president fought against his election with all means – his lawyers fought in courts to stay in office. The […]

Miguel Herrera will now be an ‘analyst’ of Liga MX

After being fired from the technical direction of the America and not finding a team to lead in it Guardians 2021, Miguel Herrera announced that he will now be an analyst for each day of the Liga MX. You can read: “Santiago Solari was already registered by Liga MX as coach of America” It was […]

Santiago Solari with official registration with America against Liga MX

Santiago Solari was officially registered with Liga MX as coach of America and will be able to direct the match against Monterrey MEXICO — Santiago Solari was officially registered as a coach of America after completing their immigration procedures to be able to carry out their work in Mexico. The Argentine coach will be able […]

The Pascual Guerrero stadium is getting ready to host the League and the Copa América

Enero 13, 2021 – 03:20 p. m. 2021-01-13 By: Editorial Office of El País – With information from the Press Office The Pascual Guerrero stadium is preparing to host the national and international soccer tournaments of the upcoming season, after some adaptation works that have already been completed and others that are currently underway. The […]

Catman: The Power of Retail Marketing on POS Sales

🔊 Play He retail Marketing focuses on creating a good shopping experience for the customer in your store, whether physical or virtual, to boost their sales. We are not talking only about the decoration or design of your site or premises, but about an atmosphere and a service that arouse emotions and stimulate the purchase […]