Gold most expensive since June after rising inflation

Gold reached its highest level in 5 months after rising global inflation. The price of gold is rising sharply, linked to inflation, after 15 months in a row there was a depreciation of the precious metal. According to the US Department of Labor, October inflation rose 6.2% year on year to a 31-year high. Following […]

Sofka from Peshtera is the first Bulgarian woman arrested by Koveshi

The 32-year-old woman was married for an Italian, he now has a baby from an international driver She was detained in October together with Germans and mobsters from Ndrangheta for stealing 13m euros VAT on trade in luxury cars 32-year-old Sofka Bozhilova from Peshtera is the Bulgarian woman arrested in the first operation of the […]

A dead Russian diplomat was found in front of the embassy in Berlin

PHOTO: Pixabay On Friday, Der Spiegel reported that German security services at the Russian embassy in Berlin had found a dead Russian diplomat in front of a diplomatic mission on October 19th. He is an acting second secretary at the embassy, ​​who arrived in Germany in the summer of 2019. The article states that the […]

Up to 20 ° in November, at the end – snow

There will be a golden autumn in November. PHOTO: LILY KLISUROVA Precipitation – only in the west The average temperature in November in most areas will be 1-2 degrees above the norm. After the frosty October we will warm with the autumn from 12 to 20 degrees. It will be slightly below the norm only […]

Today’s Santoral Sunday, October 31, 2021

Check here the saints that are celebrated today in Spain in the saints of the day THE NORTH Sunday, October 31, 2021, 11:43 Today, as happens day after day, the recognition of various saints is celebrated within the saints. From El Norte de Castilla we offer you the Today’s saints, Sunday, October 31, 2021. The […]

Jewel of Braves, caress the double zero

ATLANTA. Just like in 1999, the last time the Braves played a World Series, and they had excellent pitching, their pitching shone yesterday in Game 3. Ian Anderson and four relievers, they threw a jewel of only two hits against and Atlanta won 2 -0 to Houston Astros to regain the 2-1 lead in the […]

Strong geomagnetic storm could hit Earth this weekend

Alfredo Graça 1 hour ago 7 min Energetic particles can interfere with radio and satellite communications and overload the planet’s aurora borealis. A strong G3 class geomagnetic storm could occur this Saturday, October 30th, when coronal mass ejection (CME) from the solar eruption that occurred on Thursday, the 28th, type X1, reach Earth’s magnetic field. […]