Perfect silhouette: Carmen Villalobos captivated everyone on Instagram

Carmen villalobosShe is one of the most charming women in Colombian entertainment. The Barranquilla-born one wreaks havoc on social networks and occasionally on Instagram, where her media forte is. Yorley’s Carmen villalobos Barrio, is one of the famous ones that stands out for her sense of fashion, because on Instagram (@cvillaloboss), as we said, her […]


Princess Markéta from Řachand’s fairy tale informed about her separation with her husband on social networks, when fans overwhelmed her with questions as to why she no longer gave funny photos or videos with Honza. Everyone separately “Your growing inquiries about Mr. Teddy Bear are no longer bearable, and I have to pay the public […]

Twitter removes 276 inauthentic accounts related to government initiatives in Mexico

MEXICO CITY (apro). – The social network Twitter announced that it eliminated a network of 276 inauthentic accounts that shared civic content in support of government initiatives related to public health and political parties in Mexico. In 2018, Twitter for the first time published a public archive of data related to state-backed intelligence operations, it […]

Pandemic and eating disorders, a perfect storm

Some 400,000 people in Spain suffer Eating Disorders (Eating Disorders). The pandemic has worsened the situation of many boys and girls who take the cult of the body to an extreme that destroys their mind and their physique. “The pandemic made a perfect storm,” he says. Andrea Barrios, doctor in psychology and specialist in eating […]

Social networks make adults depressed

Social media make teens depressed – everyone has heard that. But the problem may also exist in adults, as a US study started in May 2020 shows. “We asked people who weren’t depressed about their social media use,” Harvard Medical School lead author Roy Perlis told NC News. Months later, those test subjects who use […]

Amalia Granata’s unexpected confession of how she likes men

Amalia Granata in the collective unconscious it is the “famous” who peed in the courtyard of Big Brother. Then she tried several other things, but she became a questioned legislator for the Province of Santa Fe – a place where she does not even live. Now he does radio, although before he went through acting, […]

5 year old boy shot dead by teenager while filming video

A 5-year-old American boy was shot dead in the suburbs of Minneapolis on Saturday, November 27. The 13-year-old author of the shooting was shooting a video for social networks with a group of teenagers, said police in Brooklyn Park, in the northern United States. Placed in detention in a center for minors, the young teenager […]

Octavio Ocaña: Piñata of “Benito Rivers” unleashes controversy in networks

The recent creation of Piñatería Ramírez, which decided to release the figure of actor Octavio Ocaña, who lost his life on October 29, has caused various comments on social networks. The “Benito Rivers” piñata, as the actor was known in the series “Neighbors”, is already on display in the piñatería that previously created the figures […]