Vienna takes over four Salzburg Covid-19 intensive care patients – coronavirus –

23.11.2021 20:10 (Akt. 23.11.2021 20:10) In Salzburg there are already 45 seriously ill patients on ICUs © APA / THEME PICTURE In Salzburg in particular, the coronavirus situation in hospitals is getting worse. Vienna is now taking on four intensive care patients from Salzburg. Two are to be flown to the federal capital on Wednesday, […]

Index – Sports – More news has arrived about Coronavirus Long Katinka

More news has arrived about the health of Katinka Long, who announced on her community on Friday that caught the coronavirus. Shortly after another Olympic champion swimmer, Kristóf Milák also produced a positive test. The swimmer reappeared on his social network, writing in his post that he was better. Thank you so much for your […]

protests harden, new riots in the Netherlands

Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Vienna, new riots in the Netherlands, scenes of looting and vandalism in the French West Indies: the protest hardens in the face of the anti-Covid measures adopted to stem the resurgence of the pandemic in Europe. Protests against health restrictions turned into riot again on Saturday night in the […]

Index – Domestic – Balázs Fürjes also caught the coronavirus

Positive PCR, room captivity, mask, separation, a lot of disinfection – writes Balázs Fürjes Facebook page, where he shared with his followers on Monday night that he had caught the coronavirus. The State Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for the development of Budapest and the metropolitan agglomeration also shared a short video Quarantine […]

9 Most Deadly Plague Since Prehistoric Times, Number 6 Changed European History

JAKARTA Almost two years, almost all countries have experienced the Covid-19 pandemic which has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Throughout world history, epidemics and pandemic the worst turned out to have destroyed mankind, but which one was the deadliest? Some of the worst epidemics and pandemics in history have destroyed entire civilizations and brought […]

WHO, international warning. “We risk changing one deadly disease with another”

The World Health Organization is sounding the alarm about the measles outbreaks that may occur in the coming period due to the low rate of immunization of children. More than 22 million children did not get the first dose of measles vaccine in 2020, marking the largest increase in two decades. This raises concerns about […]