After more than five years, Roger Federer left the top ten

The Swiss, inactive due to a knee injury, goes through the epilogue of his professional career. The Swiss, inactive due to a knee injury, goes through the epilogue of his professional career. Roger Federer officially emerged from the top ten of the ATP rankings today for the first time in more than five years, dropping […]

Congress to temporarily raise US debt ceiling

The United States’ debt limit will be raised by $ 480 billion, allowing the country to honor its payments until December. The US House of Representatives is due to vote on Tuesday in favor of raising the US debt ceiling until December, an expected respite in an endless and stressful saga for the world’s largest […]

Poland defies the European Union

Nobody leaves the EU if they don’t want to. Poland, or Hungary, have not said they want to leave, as the United Kingdom did and now pays the consequences. But, even if they do not line up the exit door, one must know that the EU cannot continue to violate its principles: it is not […]

Paris, a laboratory for degrowth?

DECRYPTION – The capital seems to have difficulty recovering from the consequences of the confinements. Is Paris still a party? In a sense, yes; the capital’s nightlife has taken off again and Anne Hidalgo won the UN Global Climate Action Award. For the rest, the atmosphere turns rather gray. The experience of cramped confinements, the […]

The United States will not fail on October 18

The threat of default is postponed until December. The United States’ default, with catastrophic financial and economic consequences, will not take place on October 18. It seemed unlikely, but persistent blockages in Congress made the threat real. It is now postponed to the beginning of December. The Republican Senate leaders in Washington reached an agreement […]

How Romania became a new hotbed of Covid-19 in the European Union

On Romania as elsewhere, anti-vaccines and anti-masks are impervious to the reality of facts and figures. More than 15,000 Romanians demonstrated on Saturday 2 October in the capital Bucharest to protest against the establishment, the next day, of a health pass to access leisure areas such as cinemas, restaurants, sports halls, etc. Or against the […]

Not Only Long Covid, People Can Also Experience Long Flu – A study shows people who are sick with the flu can experience long-term symptoms in a similar way to Covid. The Oxford University study analyzed the health records of people diagnosed with the flu and Covid, mainly in the United States. The two groups of people — both have more than 100,000 patients […]

Media learned about the new EU requirement for visa-free travel

Фото: Getty Images According to media estimates, there is no threat of canceling visa-free travel for Ukraine The EU is discussing the synchronization of visa-free countries with the Union’s visa policy, which Ukraine will not agree to, the media write. The European Union has put forward a new recommendation for Ukraine on a visa-free regime, […]