France & Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez sentenced to six months in prison

After winning the UEFA Nations League between France, the Hernandez brothers suddenly felt bad. Lucas was sentenced to prison, while Theo tested positive for Covid-19. France and Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez has been sentenced to six months in prison by a Spanish court for violating a detention order. Hernandez was sentenced for an incident […]

Once Colonized, Algeria Demands Total Respect from France

loading… ALGIERS – President Aljazair Abdelmadjid Tebboune on Sunday (10/10/2021) demanded “total respect” from French . The demand was voiced following a dispute over visa restrictions and critical comments from Paris, which once occupied the North African country. Last weekend Algeria withdrew its ambassador from Paris and banned French military aircraft from its airspace. Previously, […]

Nuclear Submarine Storm, France: Australia is childish!

loading… PARIS – French state Australia being childish. This comment comes after Canberra said it could not tell Paris about project talks the nuclear submarine with Washington and London. Australia “betrayed” a $40 billion deal with France’s Naval Group to build a conventional submarine fleet last month. Instead, Australia will build at least eight nuclear-powered […]

3,200 French Catholic Church Priest Paedophile Abuses Children

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — The independent investigative commission reported at least 3,200 priests and officials Catholic church French others are pedophiles and have sexually abused children since 1950. One of France’s senior civil servants, Jean-Marc Sauve, said research by an independent commission found between 2,900 and 3,200 priests or other church members were pedophiles. He […]

In France, the number of pedophiles in the Catholic Church was named

Photo: Unsplash In France, revealed about 3 thousand pedophiles in the Catholic Church Since 1950, at least 10,000 children may have suffered at the hands of pedophiles among members of the French Church. According to preliminary estimates of the independent commission of the French Catholic Church, which investigated pedophilia in church circles, for 70 years […]

Impact of Macron’s statement, Algeria summons ambassador in France

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Aljazair withdrew its ambassador in French amid rising tensions between the two countries. The recall of the ambassador was carried out for consultation on the statement of the French President Emmanuel Macron some time ago. “Following Macron’s unreasonable remarks, Algeria rejects any interference from other parties in the country’s internal affairs,” […]

Project with Australia Cancels, France Sells Warships to Greece

loading… PARIS – French and Greece signed a multibillion-euro deal for Athens to buy three warship French. This deal was praised by the President Emmanuel Macron as a great impetus for defense ambitions European Union (EU). The memorandum of understanding for the purchase of the Belharra frigate was signed less than two weeks after France […]

A lot of Time and Energy was devoted to Submarine Contracts with Australia

loading… JAKARTA – Ambassador French for Indonesia, Olivier Chambard said, a lot of time and energy was devoted to submarine contracts with Australia. He also said that the submarine contract with Australia was very complex, as it involved many things. Chambard, while speaking with Indonesian journalists at his residence on Friday (9/24/2021), said Australia is […]