That’s why some people don’t answer the phone

Although we spend more and more time on our smartphones from year to year, a growing number of people are afraid of using the phone. Why is that? The list is descending: 14 minutes browser, 10 minutes Instagram, 5 minutes pedometer, 3 minutes Whatsapp. Phone: one second. What Tobias Lang’s smartphone recorded in terms of […]

If you wake up like this, watch out! The first sign of cancer appears in the morning

Cancer kills millions of people every year. Some types of cancer are especially dangerous. Among the deadliest types of cancer lung cancer appears to be quite common. Undetected tumors that develop and grow uncontrollably in the lungs cause the mass to spread to the stage tissues or to distant organs (liver, bone, brain, etc.) via […]

What are the symptoms of the new covid variant BF.7?

More than 130 subvariants of the omicron variant of the coronavirus that causes covid-19 have been detected in China in the past three months, a senior National Health Commission official said, quoted by business news portal Yicai. According to the director of the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, Xu Wenbo, subvariants BA.5.2 […]

The expert’s name revealed the secret of a strong memory

According to information on CNN Türk, we experience memory loss from time to time and may find it difficult to remember certain situations. Holistic and Functional Medicine Specialist Dr. Gülçin Tanıdır made remarkable statements. Gülçin Tanıdır said, “It is beneficial to have a diet that is limited in carbohydrates, sugar and flour.” “A GOOD SLEEP […]

this is the unknown symptom that can alert us to an infection

It’s been almost three years since the deadline Covid it began to flood our lives and, since then, the landscape has changed dramatically. Although infections continue to increase, as the inoculation does not prevent you from getting the disease, the incidence of the disease has decreased and has even been confused with other, much milder […]

Hellhound: Why is this covid variant called that?

Digital millennium Mexico City / 08.11.2022 09:05:00 Since the coronavirus pandemic erupted, various variants of the virus appeared, some more dangerous than others. One that has been with us for a long time was that of omicron. However, it was recently discovered new subvariants of what caused concern: BQ.1 and BQ.1.1 – the latter also […]

Different Symptoms Between Ebola and Dengue Fever | Thai PBS News Thai PBS News

“Ebola” is in the same group of diseases as “Dengue fever” due to similar symptoms Although the situation of the Ebola outbreak in Thailand is at a slow pace But learning to protect Taking care of yourself is still key. Ebola (Ebola) or Ebola virus infection. It is a dangerous communicable disease of Thailand according […]

New variant BF.7 has hit Taiwan! Common 6 symptoms of infection

Many countries have recently detected confirmed cases of the new variant of the BF.7 virus, and Taiwan has also seen 3 cases of immigration from abroad. Now that the country has opened its doors, many people are concerned if BF.7 could trigger a new one. wave of epidemics in Taiwan. “Zhongshi News Network” solved 7 […]