US Republicans need the courage to repent and come to terms with things

Is this what the future of the “grand old party” looks like? Supporters of US President Donald Trump in front of the Capitol. The Republican Party gives Trump a disastrous picture after four years. Can she reinvent herself? Joel Marklund / Witters / Bildbyran Start your free trial month now! Complete the free trial month […]

U.S. Georgia final election finals, the Democratic Party wins narrowly and retakes both houses of Senate and House of Representatives_Biden

Original title: Georgia, the final election finals, the Democratic Party wins the Senate and the House of Representatives (Washington Observation) Georgia, U.S. final election finals, the Democratic Party wins the Senate and the House of Representatives China News Service, Washington, January 9th, title: Georgia, USA, the final election, the Democratic Party wins the Senate and […]

New York primaries: progressive Jamaal Bowman claims victory

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer… These centrist figures of the Democratic establishment had all lined up as one man behind the candidacy of a party baron, Eliot Engel, sixteen terms in office. counter […]

Republican leaders welcomed Biden. After the Electoral Board vote collapsed | RYT9

Mr.Mitch McConnell MainRepublican Party And the majority leader in the US Senate Congratulate youJoe Biden After the Electoral College voted yesterday for Biden to win.US presidential electionOfficial 46th person “The electorate has spoken. So today I would like to congratulate Mr Joe Biden that the President of the United States He is no stranger to […]

Anger over opinion posting in the New York Times media

The text by Republican Senator Tom Cotton was still on the homepage of the Friday New York Times to read. In a guest post on Wednesday, Cotton called for the military to be used against the rioters who had looted shops in several American cities in the days before and set cars on fire. The […]

In Georgia, election fraud complaints could turn against Republicans | USA Elections 2020

Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue may be harmed by calls for a boycott in the Georgia elections Reuters/DUSTIN CHAMBERS Still barely recovered from President Donald Trump’s defeat in the November 3 presidential election, Republican Party leaders now fear that unfounded complaints of electoral fraud, repeated by Trump in recent weeks, will cut the only lifeline […]