NYC food delivery men face dangers in pandemic

Two electric bicycles have been stolen from Sergio Solano in less than 6 months. This food delivery man claims that he has lost more than $ 3,000 and that, despite reporting the robberies to the Police, so far they have not been resolved. “What we are looking for is that they are not just in […]

A German among the injured in Manhattan

11/01/2017, 11:36 am | Daniel C. Schmidt, New York police identified the alleged perpetrator as Sayfullo Saipov, who killed at least eight people and injured 11 others yesterday afternoon when he pulled his pickup truck onto a bicycle lane. The native Uzbek is said to have moved to America in 2010 and holds a […]

Tropical Storm ‘Fay’ Arrives; strong rains

As expected, Tropical Storm Fay arrived in and around the city late Friday afternoon bringing heavy rain, winds of up to 60 miles per hour in certain areas and the possibility of flooding. Late on Friday afternoon, the National Weather Service issued a warning of possible flooding in areas of the five boroughs of the […]

They propose a vast remodeling of the bus station

New York City’s main bus station, mocked and criticized for years for leaking ceilings, dirty bathrooms and frequent delays, could receive a vast makeover. The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey released a proposal to rebuild and expand the building in Manhattan. “This important step is a turning point in the transformation of […]

Real estate investors dare to return to New York

New York Real estate bargains are relative in Manhattan. On West 58th Street, not far from Lincoln Center, the price of a three-bedroom apartment fell by $ 150,000 a few weeks ago. That still puts the price at two million dollars. For the expensive New York real estate market, that’s a cheap price. On Beekman […]

Hispanics in NYC talk about Joe Biden’s inauguration

President Joe Biden is poised to take office as the nation is suffering from the ravages of the pandemic, skyrocketing unemployment and deep concerns about further acts of violence. We have the report, live from Times Square, with some reactions. Visit the NY1 News page with our special coverage on the coronavirus: Coronavirus outbreak .

More than 8 thousand cases of coronavirus in NYC; Brooklyn with more

New York City counted through Saturday night 8,115 positive cases of coronavirus, with Brooklyn being the county with the most cases, followed by Queens. In total, 60 people have died in the city from the coronavirus, according to official figures. The breakdown of cases by county is as follows: Brooklyn 2,484 Queens 2,254 Manhattan 1,868 […]

Honed in New York, the Trump refugees under the palm trees

Between the winter cool of New York and the humidity of Florida, the Trump clan decided to head south. But did he really have a choice? After four years in Washington, a return to the family stronghold of Manhattan, where the patriarch painfully garnered 12% of the vote in the November presidential election, seemed impossible. […]

Together they exercise on the streets of Upper Manhattan

The day begins with a lot of activity for the group Washington Heights Women’s Walking Crew who works out on the streets of this neighborhood. Denise del Río, a member of the group, comments: “We – up to a point – are getting a little crazy, for being locked in the house looking at the […]