Georgina Rodríguez lived in a storage room before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo

Georgina Rodríguez remembered what her life was like before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo The one from Jaca traveled to Madrid and had to rent a house that had been a storage room His life changed radically when he met the footballer and he currently lives in impressive million-euro mansions. Cristiano Ronaldo Y Georgina rodriguez made their […]

VIDEO: Astronomers witness red supergiant star exploding in a supernova

Experts had never caught a star of this type exploding instead of just fading out. In 2020, astronomers caught the red supergiant star exploding into a supernova (Photo: WM Keck Observatory/Adam Makarenko/Handout) For years, scientists thought that the biggest stars do Universe, the red supergiants, died in a dwindling and silent way. But in 2020, […]

Rugby: Info, Transfers, Results, Live

The WEB Tour 20h04 Cases of Covid in Toulon, the match against Montpellier threatened 17h16 Top 14 – RCT – Rugby Club Toulonnais hires Dorian Laborde (Racing 92) as medical joker 17h01 Toulon or adaptation permanente 15h41 Top 14 – Coronavirus – Three weeks after his last match, Racing, victim of the Covid, is still […]

BRIN: Red and White Vaccine Seeds Developed by Eijkman According to Industry Standards – The Eijkman Molecular Biology Research Center (PRBME) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) said the Red and White vaccine seeds developed by Eijkman were in accordance with industry standards. “According to the industry, the ‘seed vaccine’ (vaccine seed) has met industry standards where the yield or yield is in accordance with […]

In winter, the healthy dormancy of the garden before spring awakens

Shining, the acanthus with soft leaves bend under the snow. Not far away, purple irises still in bloom seem to encourage them. In a neighboring square, the sharp prickles of a barberry stand guard… Already numb by the cold, the plants of the Botanical Garden of Dijon – in the Arquebuse park (read marks at […]

6 Benefits of Yoga at Night, Help Relieve Stress before Sleeping

yoga illustration. – When people think about yoga, most of them will probably think of challenging poses that get your heart pumping with a touch of sunlight. Yoga in the morning is good for your body. This exercise will get your blood pumping and relieve body stiffness from lying down all night. However, […]