List of Android and iOS iPhones Blocked by WhatsApp as of November 1, 2021

DIY NEWS – For the convenience of the user experience, WhatsApp will stop support for mobile phones with operating system old, counted iPhone and a number of OS brands Android. To operating system from iPhone, WhatsApp will block its service on iOS 9 or older version. For Android, WA will blocked for HP with version […]

Facebook made $9.2 billion profit in three months

In the third quarter, from July 1 to September 30, Facebook made a profit of 9.2 billion dollars (7.9 billion euros). That is 17 percent more than a year earlier. Turnover rose 35 percent to 29 billion dollars (25 billion euros), slightly less than analysts had expected. Facebook says the daily number of users active […]

List of Samsung Phones to iPhones Blocked by Whatsapp

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Messaging app WhatsApp will block some Android and iOS phone models from receiving their updates. This causes phones that are on the block list to lose access to the features of the application belonging to the tech giant Facebook. In addition, these phones will also not get protection because they have […]

A great new feature from WhatsApp-Undo! | techread

WhatsApp Although it is the most used messaging application, in terms of features offered Telegram ve Signal lagged behind its competitors. The company, which comes up with new features, continues to work to appeal to more users. It recently offered Beta users the ability to play videos from other websites within the app. WhatsApp has […]

Social Spy WhatsApp The Smartest Way To Tap Your Spouse’s Cellphone

loading… JAKARTA – Social Spy WhatsApp is a device from one of the eavesdropping systems that is not in the form of a mobile application but is based on a website. Social Spy WhatsApp can be used when our partner or girlfriend is acting strange and suspicious by getting a WhatsApp account using the WhatsApp […]

Note, WhatsApp can’t be used in 1 more week on this cellphone

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Soon the WhatsApp application cannot be used on certain phones. The reason is, certain operating systems on smart phones can no longer access WhatsApp from November 1st. The operating systems that can no longer operate WhatsApp are Android 4.0.4 (Gingerbread) or earlier and iOS 9 or earlier. The choice is that […]