Discover your free horoscope for the week of August 23 to 29 by Christine Haas

Here is your horoscope, sign by sign, decan by decan. The astrologer gives you his predictions in love, wealth, work, family and health for the next week. AriesMarch 20-April 20Social life There could be fatigue in the air or a slight discouragement (3rd decan). Even if your projects are progressing slowly, don’t give up. By […]

Who are the investigators of “Good Singers” alongside Jarry?

Friday July 17, at 9:05 p.m., TF1 will launch a new musical entertainment presented by Jarry. Adapted from the Turkish format “Is That Really Your Voice?”, “Good Singers – It’s up to you to find the right singers” is a musical investigation game in which very talented anonymous singers and others much less will have […]