Latin America tries to remain calm in the face of omicron speed

Cases of COVID-19 continue to increase rapidly throughout Latin America, with some countries administering third and even fourth doses to the population. In Mexico, the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, made his usual “morning” conference from home, after having tested positive for COVID-19 for the second time. Speaking in a remarkably hoarse voice, the president […]

Nearly 98 thousand children in Peru have become orphans due to Covid-19

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Nearly 98 thousand children in Peru being orphaned or orphaned by the loss of a parent or primary caregiver due to infection Covid-19. The country has the highest coronavirus death rate in the world. “Unfortunately our country has nearly 98,000 children who have lost their father, mother or guardian during the […]

Almost 100,000 children have lost at least one parent to Peru’s Covid-19

Peru has the highest Covid-19 mortality rate in the world, and nearly 100,000 children have lost at least one parent or primary caregiver during the pandemic, the government said on Thursday. “Unfortunately, there are almost 98,000 children in our country who have lost a father, mother or guardian in a pandemic,” said Anahi Duranda, Peru’s […]

Sad! Nearly 100,000 children in Peru have lost their parents to Corona

Lima – Corona virus (COVID-19) has killed at least one parent or guardian of nearly 100,000 children in Peru. Peru’s per capita Corona death rate is the highest in the world. “Unfortunately, our country finds that nearly 98,000 children have lost their father, mother or guardian during the pandemic,” said the Minister for Children’s Affairs, […]

Peru Records First Death Due to Flurona, Combination of Flu and Covid-19 – Peru’s Ministry of Health today reported the first case of death from “flurona”, a combination infection from the flu and Covid-19, in an 87-year-old patient who had not been vaccinated due to comorbidities. The victim is one of three flu cases detected in the Amazon region, said Dr Cesar Munayco, researcher at the […]

From Latin America to Soviet America – Federico Jiménez Losantos

1 / The farce Never in history, a bloody empire disappeared like the Aztec had tried to colonize another defunct empire, the Inca of the Andes, and, like Hernán Cortés, with the help of Andean tribes subjugated by the Incas, such as the Quechuas and Aymara, plus some pirates of Spanish origin who, like Lope […]