Relationship between Covid-19 and mental disorders

2020 was hit by an event that was as dramatic as it was unexpected: the Covid-19 pandemic. Still obscure in many of its aspects, this pathology is, of course, a continuous source of study and there are many specialists who are monitoring its evolution. This disease has gone to upset numerous aspects of everyone’s daily […]

5 healthy ways to relieve stress … Infograph

Tension and stress are common problems in light of the spread of the Corona virus epidemic, and in this report we learn about the most important 5 healthy ways to manage stress, according to the “Cliffend Clinic” website. 1. Deep breathing 2. Doing sports and any physical activity 3. Gratitude for the positive things 4. […]

Covid-19 stress, how to recognize and deal with it

When we are about to face an exam or a job interview, our “antennas” are ready to offer an immediate response, increasing the breath, the heartbeat, the responsiveness of the organism. This is the classic acute stress reaction. And it helps us overcome obstacles. But when the phenomenon continues over time and becomes chronic, it […]

Stress Levels Can Be Analyzed Through Earwax

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Level stress a person apparently can be analyzed by means of earwax. This was revealed from research conducted in London and outlined in a study in the journal Heliyon involving 37 participants. Researchers, namely Andrés Herane-Vives and colleagues at University College London’s Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Institute of Psychiatry found that […]

It turns out that the level of stress can be seen from the earwax

PORTAL MAJALENGKA – Stress is considered very dangerous, because it can be a gateway for other diseases. But often it cannot detect or analyze stress, but there are many ways to analyze stress. How heavy stress including the mental health of people experiencing depression and anxiety, can be analyzed through earwax. Also Read: Snoring Can […]

It turns out that earwax can reveal your stress level, listen!

INDOZONE.ID – Everyone has their own level of stress. How much stress, including the mental health of people who are depressed and anxious, can actually be analyzed through earwax. Revealed in a study in the journal Heliyon on November 2. In the pilot study with 37 participants, researchers Andrés Herane-Vives and colleagues at University College […]

Not always bad, light stress actually brings benefits to the body

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Stress has been shown to trigger various health problems, such as insomnia, weight gain, and blood pressure. In fact, stress doesn’t always trigger anything bad. Sometimes, stress can actually bring positive things to us. Indeed, chronic stress can cause a variety of physical and mental disorders. However, stress that occurs within reasonable […]

Pandemic Stressors Make Mothers Often Angry at Children

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – A number of videos showing one mother difficulty teaching child learning from home, even to the point of being angry and viral on social media. The videos also attracted the sympathy of netizens who also commented that they felt the same difficulties. Is it fair to scold a child when he […]