4 mistakes to avoid when suffering from stress and bipolar disorder

I wrote – Hoda Abdel Nasser:Stress and bipolar disorder are among the diseases whose disturbing symptoms should not be overlooked, as they cause some side effects and affect the practice of life normally, so a specialist doctor should be consulted immediately. In the following report, The Consulto reviews the most important mistakes that should be […]

15% of adults suffer from mental disorders

The clinical psychologist, Dr. Abdullah Al-Waili that Psychological health A very important major factor for the quality of social life, including creating a practical and effective environment. Al-Waili pointed out that there are organizational standards, policies, and procedures that help effectively prevent the effects of the job environment on mental health, by strengthening and strengthening […]

“Stress seems to decrease over the course of life”

This also explains why older people, according to research are happier on average than younger people? You might think that getting older doesn’t bring much happiness – just think of how physical health deteriorates and illnesses increase while social contacts and cognitive resources gradually dwindle. In fact, however, we find time and again that life […]

ALERT! Prolonged Stress Causes Health Problems & Triggers Various Diseases

BANDUNG EYES – Worth to watch out for that stress Prolonged research is one of the causes of the emergence of disturbances health and various triggers disease. It’s important for us to immediately deal with the taste stress attack to guard health and minimize variety disease which is caused by those disturbing feelings. Even though […]

Jessica Alba’s ultra-complete sports routine

By Louis Delafon Posted 7 hours ago, Update 6 hours ago – – The 41-year-old actress posted a video of her sports routine on her Instagram account. Very complete, it works all the muscle groups of the body. Jessica Alba has energy to spare. In an Instagram post published on Tuesday, the 41-year-old actress, motivated […]

Fear and stress make the immune system vulnerable Company | DW

That stress is harmful to health should not surprise anyone. It is well known that psychological stress and anxiety can have a direct impact on the human immune system, making us more prone to disease. It has been less clear so far how this system works. Wolfram Poller, a cardiologist and researcher at the Charité […]

Setting Silent Mode on Cell Phones Can Trigger Stress

Some people will feel stressed with the ‘silent’ mode on the cellphone. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Setting the phone in “mute” or vibrate mode can actually trigger more stress for people who have a fear of missing a moment or Fear of Missing Out (FOMO). Silent phone notifications also tend to make them check their phones […]