terrible consequences, myths and truths of doctors

Scientists have found a link between smoking and severe COVID-19. The study was conducted by American biologists from the University of California, Los Angeles. But it used to be thought that it was easier for smokers to transfer coronavirus infection. Who is right? Cells “with fingers” Scientists have created a cellular model of the airways […]

OECD alarm: smoking is the leading cause of death in Europe

19 November 2020 11:38 Alcohol consumption is also worrying, which “contributes to about 255 thousand-290 thousand annual deaths in the EU” Alcoholism – In the “Health at a Glance 2020” report, the OECD points out that “alcohol control policies have reduced the global consumption of alcoholic beverages in numerous countries over the past decade”. But […]

Health reveals 5 tips to protect the heart from disease (Infographic)

The Ministry of Health and Population called on citizens to follow a number of tips to maintain the general health of the heart in conjunction with the celebration of the World Heart Day. The advice of the Ministry of Health and Population included maintaining a healthy weight, reducing salt intake, exercising regularly, eating healthy meals, […]

A healthy lifestyle helps you live longer even with chronic diseases

A new study shows that even if you suffer from multiple chronic diseases, a very healthy lifestyle is associated with a longer lifespan of 6.3 years for men and 7.6 years for women. Exercising, eating a healthy diet, and not smoking or drinking can help you live longer even if You suffer from other chronic […]

These lifestyle changes may reduce the risk of dementia

The brain is an important and vital organ in our bodies, as it is responsible for various things such as our feelings, thoughts, and memories, among other things. When a person gets older, he also tends to become more susceptible to dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease is a common type of dementia where nerve cells degrade […]

Throw away a cigarette immediately .. 5 effective ways to quit smoking

Smoking has been associated with a higher risk of developing serious complicationsCorona Virus The following report provides some effective methods that can help you quit cigarettes forever and live a healthier life, according to a newspaper report. TIME NOW NEWS. According to a recent survey by the British charity on smoking and health, more than […]

Flavours for e-cigarettes, such as the cinnamon, and the mojito will be banned NOW

Flavours for e-cigarettes, such as strawberry ice cream, mango, hazelnut cream, cinnamon or mojito to be banned, wrote the secretary of state, Paul Frame (Health, Welfare and Sport), in a letter to the house of commons. Ban the e-cigarettes less attractive to young people. For tabakssmaken an exception will be made. Research conducted by the […]

Smoking down for women in 2019

The number of daily smokers has decreased “Significant” between 2018 and 2019, according to figures published Tuesday by Santé Publique France which highlights a ” slump “ general smoking since 2014. Thanks to its annual Barometer, a survey carried out by telephone among 10,000 people, the public body notes over the last five years a […]

Scientists explained why smokers are more exposed to COVID-19

2020-05-19T13: 50 2020-05-19T14: 19 https://ria.ru/20200519/1571669659.html Scientists explained why smokers are more exposed to COVID-19 https://cdn21.img.ria.ru/images/07e4/05/13/1571664071_0mail:1440:810_1036x0_80_0_0_db347a9c9853965415c10bc6fb441127.jpg RIA News https://cdn22.img.ria.ru/i/export/ria/logo.png RIA News https://cdn22.img.ria.ru/i/export/ria/logo.png MOSCOW, May 19 – RIA Novosti. In the lungs of smokers, American scientists have found increased expression of the ACE2 protein, with which the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus enters healthy cells. The results of the study […]