Because a tiny restaurant electrifies the world

wor, you wonder after 36 courses, as blackcurrant sorbet with shiso jelly melts on your tongue, where is Dylan Watson-Brawn? Had he already disappeared when his team explained that the beet was swimming in a sauce from its own shell (aisle 34) and the cross rib (aisle 35) had been smoked for two days after […]

IKEA’s brand new smart speaker disguised as a lamp will also be available here

Three years after the release of the first products of their joint collaboration, IKEA and Sonos have come up with a new Symfonisk floor lamp speaker, which offers users primarily something new in its form, as it is essentially a floor lamp speaker. table born from the collaboration of the two companies. second generation i […]

C&A is reducing its reach

frankfurt ⋅ Since Dutch Giny Boer took the helm of fashion retail chain C&A, she has initiated a number of developments, which can also be seen in over a dozen subsidiaries in the region. Many stores have already been tidied up and tidied up, repainted, and the logo has been revamped in many places. The […]

Ikea chases horror games – “Too much like our department stores”

According to information a my box Ikea sent a letter to game developer Jacob “Ziggy” Shaw in which the mobile giant wants him to make changes to his cooperative horror game The Store Is Closed. The game takes place in a closed furniture department store, and Ikea’s lawyers argue that because the press and consumers […]

SCP-3008’s new horror work “The Store is Closed” Receives a Letter from a Lawyer for Doing Too Much Like IKEA | 4Gamers

Inspired by the “endless furniture hypermarket” in the well-known SCP-3008 file, the new multiplayer cooperative horror game “The Store is Closed” developed by the independent team Ziggy is here. Kickstarter After raising more than $ 50,000, according to the expectations of the gaming community, developer Jacob Shaw received a letter from a lawyer from Swedish […]

Ikea: autonomous trucks will soon supply the first branch

A commercial group like the Ikea furniture store has to carry a lot of goods every day. Interest in automation in this area is correspondingly high. Now the company has started the first pilot project with autonomous trucks. The Swedish furniture store is working with US start-up Kodiak Robotics, which is developing autonomous driving systems […]

Electrify America’s EV fast chargers will be available at more than 25 IKEA stores

IKEA aims to become a circular, climate-positive company by 2030. Its collaboration with Electrify America and Electrify Commercial brings it closer to that goal. The collaboration in question consists of bringing ultra-fast public charging stations and a fleet of electric vehicles to just over 25 stores in the United States. Recharging your electric vehicle will […]