“Blizzard’s Collaboration Marketing for Diablo 4: Webtoons, Burgers, and Fashion”

Blizzard announced various collaboration marketing in line with the official release of ‘Diablo 4’ on the 6th of next month. From the first webtoon collaboration with popular writer Cho Seok, to popular brands such as Burger King and fashion brand Exlim, Diablo 4 intellectual property (IP) is grafted. It is also planning to introduce exclusive […]

Honda to Enter F1 as Power Unit Supplier Starting 2026 Season

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced plans to participate in the FIA Formula One World Championship (F1) from the 2026 season as a power unit supplier. In partnership with the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team, Honda will supply power units that are compliant with the new F1 power unit regulations that will take […]

“JUICE: Exploring Jupiter’s Three Moons with a Single Spacecraft”

The ‘Ilta Sampi (一打三皮)’ project, which explores three satellites around Jupiter with a single launch, has taken its first huge step. The Jupiter Moon Exploration Spacecraft, successfully launched from a space center in French Guiana on April 14, is the star of the project. The Jupiter satellite exploration project, which investigates three satellites with one […]

“Huge Pileup and Fatalities on Expressway Between St. Louis and Chicago”

The images are impressive and the balance sheet particularly heavy. In the northern United States, a dust storm caused a huge pileup on Monday, May 1, on a highway. The accident killed at least six people and injured around 30, authorities said. The drama took place around 11 a.m. local time on the expressway that […]

Entrereality to Showcase Multi-Play Motion AI Avatar at WIS 2023

Entrereality, a 3D web experience technology startup, will participate in the ‘2023 World IT Show’ (WIS 2023), the largest information and communication technology (ICT) exhibition in Korea. Entrareality is a multi-play motion artificial intelligence (AI) that allows multiple users to communicate with avatars by upgrading the RGB camera-based full-body motion tracking avatar technology introduced at […]

Why Lee Seon-hee, Lee Seo-jin, and Lee Seung-gi Should Attend the Wedding?

/Newsis Singer Lee Sun-hee and actress Lee Seo-jin are drawing attention belatedly as they did not attend the wedding of their close friend, singer-actor Lee Seung-gi. According to the entertainment industry on the 10th, Lee Sun-hee and Lee Seo-jin did not attend the wedding ceremony that Lee Seung-gi and Lee Da-in made on the 7th. […]