New Zealand PM cancels marriage as Omicron expands in his country – Prime Minister New Zealand Jacinda Ardern was forced to annul her marriage to Clarke Gayford after Omicron began to enter and expand in his country. The plan, he will marry Gayford in Gisborne, the east coast of the North Island next week. However, after it was discovered that Omicron had begun to spread […]

New Zealand PM cancels wedding title as Omicron expands all

NEW ZEALAND, – Prime Minister (PM) New Zealand Jacinda Arden chose to cancel her wedding as her country has imposed new restrictions in an effort to slow the spread Covid-19 varian Omicron. New Zealand has imposed a mask rule and restricted gatherings from this Sunday (23/1/2022). The policy was taken after the government found […]

Omicron causes New Zealand PM to cancel marriage

Jakarta – Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern forced to cancel her wedding due to the government imposed new restrictions on Covid-19. The restrictions were made to prevent the spread of new variants of Omicron. “My marriage did not take place,” he told reporters while expressing his concern for the New Zealand community who […]

PHOTO: Tonga sightings before and after the volcanic eruption, now covered in thick ash

TONGA, – Government Tonga and international aid agencies reported significant damage to the main island of Tonga after the incident underwater volcanic eruption and was followed by the tsunami on Saturday (14/1/2022). A UN Humanitarian Agency official said several resorts and homes along Tongatapu’s west coast had been destroyed or badly damaged, with the […]

Volcanic Eruption and Tsunami Destroy Tonga, New Zealand Sends Plane to Assess Damage

Tonga’s underwater volcanic eruption captured by satellite from space. (Source: NICT/JMA) WELLINGTON, KOMPAS.TV – New Zealand has sent a plane to Tonga to assess the damage following the country’s massive volcanic eruption and tsunami. Ash from the eruption has covered the Pacific islands. In addition, electricity and communication equipment in Tonga were also cut off. […]

New Zealand Issues Tsunami Warning After Volcano Eruption in Tonga

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — National Board for Disaster Management New Zealand (NEMA) issued a warning tsunami after an underwater volcanic eruption in Tonga. NEMA expects coastal New Zealand on the north and east coasts of the North Island, as well as the Chatham Islands to experience unexpected waves, and unusually strong currents. “We issued a […]

Jokowi Inaugurates First Female Ambassador from Papua Fientje Suebu

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo appointed the first female ambassador from Papua, Fientje Maritje Suebu. Fientje was appointed LBBP RI Ambassador to New Zealand cum Samoa, the Government of Tonga, the Cook Islands, and Niue. Besides Fientje, Jokowi also appointed Sunarko as the Indonesian LBBP Ambassador to the Republic of Sudan. Lt. Gen. […]

New Zealand’s death attributed to Pfizer’s COVID vaccine

In August, a woman died after being vaccinated for the same reason. The New Zealander suffered inflammation of the heart muscle two weeks after being injected with the Pfizer vaccine. In New Zealand, a 26-year-old man died shortly after being vaccinated against the coronavirus with a Pfizer drug. The authorities blame the COVID drug for […]

Leopard Seals Proven Capable Of Eating Sharks

WELLINGTON – Leopard seal or Leopard Seals proved to be small marine predators that are exclusive because they are able to prey on ferocious sharks. Researchers have for the first time found strong enough evidence that seal Leopard prey on sharks, from the remaining dirt and scars on his body. The study, led by Krista […]

Leopard Seals Proven Capable Of Eating Sharks

WELLINGTON – Leopard seals or Leopard Seals have proven to be exclusive small marine predators because they are able to prey on fierce sharks. Researchers have for the first time found strong evidence that seals Leopard prey on sharks on the remaining dirt and scars on his body. The study, led by Krista van der […]