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NEW YORK – Monday marks the first day New York will accept applications for the Homeowners Assistance Fund, the first program of its kind in the nation to help homeowners facing financial hardship making homeowner payments. mortgage due to the economic consequences of the ongoing pandemic. The launch comes amid a surge in COVID-19 cases […]

New York’s New Normal: The Beginning of the Nightmare’s End

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Hochul to provide report on COVID after blocking of vaccines mandate in New York

What you should know A federal judge temporarily blocked New York State from forcing medical workers to get vaccinated after a group of healthcare workers sued, saying their constitutional rights were violated because the state’s mandate did not allow exemptions. religious. Seventeen healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, claimed in a lawsuit Monday that their […]

New York: 14% of the population would have been infected with the coronavirus

According to serological tests conducted on a sample of 3,000 people in New York State, which has 19.45 million people, some 13.9% of residents have been infected with the coronavirus of Covid-19, or 2.7 million people. That’s 10 times more than the official figures, which count 263,460 confirmed cases on Friday, including 141,754 cases in […]

New York recognizes the uniqueness of hydropower | “This decision is historic”

In the wake of its decision, New York authorities recognize that all forms of hydroelectricity, including that in Quebec, are clean, renewable energy sources that can help the state meet its gas reduction targets. Greenhouse effect. In addition to this decision, an additional category is added to the Clean Energy Standard. Hydroelectricity produced by existing […]

New York has more mountains for skiing than any other US state

Die Region New York State FROMApple-picking and in general, when they feel like nature, the residents of the Big Apple are drawn to New York. The northeastern US state is pretty much the opposite of the city of New York it shares its name with – sprawling, hilly, and more politically conservative than you’d think. […]