Not only the elderly and the elderly, young people are not immune … / PSBB Jakarta 14 September 2020 Corona virus (Covid-19) cases in Indonesia. – The corona virus pandemic outbreak does not only target adults and older people. Even young people nor is it immune to this virus. So, beware! Also Read: Who Said Hand Sanitizer Can Kill Corona Virus? In fact There is More […]

Virus Infections are Easier to Occur in Transition Season, This is the Why – The risk of getting a virus infection is easier during the transition period, the season of transition from dry to rainy season. This is because cold temperatures in this season tend to have low humidity or are dry. This condition makes it easier for the virus to move places. This was said by […]

FT learned about plans to infect COVID volunteers for vaccine testing :: Society :: RBC

The world’s first COVID-19 vaccine trial, during which volunteers will be infected with the coronavirus, will take place in London in January. 2 thousand people have already agreed to take part in the study Фото: Hannah McKay / Reuters London will host the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine trials, during which volunteers will be deliberately infected […]

More tests are not the cause of the higher corona numbers

Bwithin three weeks, the number of corona tests in Germany has increased by around half. While 570,746 laboratory tests were carried out in the week from July 20 to July 26, there were 875,524 laboratory tests in the last week from August 10 to 16. According to the figures published by the Robert Koch Institute […]

Diseases worsening the prognosis of patients with COVID-19 named :: Society :: RBC

Hypertension, diabetes and obesity exacerbate the risk of coronavirus infection, said live in TASS Oksana Drapkina, chief freelance specialist in therapy and general medical practice of the Ministry of Health of Russia, director of the National Medical Research Center of Therapy and Preventive Medicine, within the framework of the All-Russian action “Week of Health”. “We […]