Mac Lesggy explains how to avoid getting sick this winter

When you have a cold, if a sample is taken from your nose – much like a blood sample Covid-19, a large amount of rhinovirus will be found. The characteristic cold virus. There are over a hundred different species. In contact with cells inside the nose, so-called pits nasal, the virus enters them. Then, our […]

Definition | Contact case | Futura Health

A contact case is an individual who has been in contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 – in this case, there is a risk of catching the disease. To avoid the risk of infecting other people, protective measures must be put in place. Contact case: recommendations to follow Covid-19 is a […]

the advice to follow to avoid catching the coronavirus and winter viruses

While the Delta wave of the coronavirus is not yet over and Omicron seems to be taking up space in France as well, it seems wise to redouble your attention when you are traveling, at work, with family, with relatives, or in the street. By taking certain precautions, you will probably be able to avoid […]

at the University Hospital of Purpan, an intensive care unit

A new New Year’s Eve that rhymes with contaminations. The Scientific Council is counting on hundreds of thousands of cases from January with the meteoric spread of the Omicron variant. Resuscitation services are already under strain across the country. In particular in Toulouse, at the University Hospital of Purpan, where ten of the sixteen intensive […]

This is how a virus causes blood cancer

the HTLV-1 virus can cause a cancer rare in some people. He enters a lymphocyte T and stay there. At first, it does not release any new virus particles and does not cause no harmful effect. Moreover, this state preserves itself indefinitely for the majority of the population. However, at nearly 5% of infected, the […]

This treatment puts cancer to sleep!

Scientists are experimenting with a new therapeutic approach to fight metastases by keeping them “asleep.” ” How does this work ? You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Cancer: better understanding tumors to better fight them Futura-Sciences visited the Marseille Cancer Research Center to understand the first necessary steps in the fight against cancer. From […]