“John de Mol had a strong motive to say that he knew nothing” – Wel.nl

John de Mol continued to insist in the BOOS broadcast that he knew nothing about sexually transgressive behavior at The Voice, except for one report to Jeroen Rietbergen. According to lawyers, he may have a good reason for that. Media lawyer Sander Dikhoff in the Volkskrant: ”I think John de Mol has a strong motive […]

As of February 2, France is progressively easing antiquarian restrictions

Prime Minister Jean Castex. PHOTO: Reuters France has been progressively easing anti-restrictions since February 2. This was announced by French Prime Minister Jean Castex, world agencies reported. On this date, the restrictions on the number of spectators at sports, cultural and entertainment venues will be removed, and remote work will only be recommended. The discos […]

WHO: Travel restrictions are ineffective during a pandemic

PHOTO: Pixabay The WHO has recommended that the international community remove or ease international travel restrictions. The organization emphasizes the ineffectiveness of such measures, which is due to attempts to prevent the international spread of the Omicron strain through a travel ban. Experts have called for the “revocation or easing of the green certificate” as […]

Ketamine may be revolutionary antidepressant – Wel.nl

The advance of psychedelic drugs to remedy psychological problems is going fast. Ketamine nasal spray is already on sale for depression. But doctors are now warning against hasty introduction of the drugs. Ketamine, MDMA and psylocibine are especially popular against depression, writes the NOS. But the problem is that patients start experimenting themselves, while it […]

These 8 factors can still make you very sick or die with vaccination – Wel.nl

Researchers from the National Institutes of Health in the United States have defined eight factors that can cause you to develop a serious form of Covid-19 or even die despite a full vaccination against the coronavirus. HLN writes about it. There were found to be eight risk factors: over 65 years of age, a disturbed […]

Rutte’s VVD plummets to 25 seats, CDA to 7 seats

The first poll by Maurice de Hond after the cabinet took office shows that the VVD in particular has deteriorated in recent times. At the end of November, the VVD still had 32 seats, now there are 25. With this, the VVD loses 9 seats compared to the elections of 2021, making it the biggest […]

Face masks make you prettier – Wel.nl

British academics have discovered a plus of corona: we look more attractive with face masks. Cardiff University researchers were surprised to find that both men and women looked better with a hood that hid the lower half of their faces. And a shame for the OMT: disposable surgical caps scored highest. Dr. Michael Lewis , […]

These are the best countries for a workation – Wel.nl

Many home workers have already made a virtue of necessity in the past year by working for a while in a sunny place. Now that omikron appears milder and milder, the office is slowly coming back into the picture. For those who want to get away for a while, these are according to Momondo the […]

which works best – Wel.nl

An American research group of experts ranked forty diets: which are the best and which are bad. The panel of nutritionists examined the diets for feasibility, health effects, safety and weight loss. Each diet or eating habit was given a score. According to De Morgen, fashionable diets score poorly in the rankings. Hypes like the […]