Shopper Experience: 2021 Predictions for Retail and Point of Purchase

🔊 Play Katie Kochelek, Marketing Specialist at Frank Mayer & Associates, shares insights into what the experts at Frank Mayer & Associates are expecting in 2021. One big positive prediction: Physical retail will rebound. When I wrote the blog “What’s in Store for 2020” last December, I couldn’t have predicted what’s to come in three […]

Kendall and Kylie Jenner reside in the “Paradise Hotel” – Stars

Where some seek their great love, others go on luxury vacations. In the reality TV show “Paradise Hotel”, the candidates look for great love between palm trees and the beach. But instead of the eleven participants, two women are currently living in the luxury property known from the reality TV show in Germany. Kendall (25) […]

Reopening of community centers begins

Ciudad Juárez.- The councilors that make up the Community Centers Commission held a meeting to supervise the reactivation of activities in the 48 spaces administered by the Municipal Government. In a statement it was reported that there is a lot of demand from the population that requires the services and programs offered by the Municipality […]

Rockers on the wall win the London Design Museum Prize

Rockers attached to the US-Mexico border wall win the 2020 Breazley Design of the Year Award. A prestigious award from the Design Museum in London. The ‘Teeter-Totter Wall’ installation was designed by architects Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello in 2019, with the help of the Chopeke Collective, a group of Juarez artists. The source […]

6 famous Mexicans accused of sexual abuse

We present a list of the most controversial episodes that some of the Mexican celebrities have experienced He sexual abuse It is a delicate issue that was normalized throughout the world for a long time, however, due to the relevance of the movement #MeToo in 2017, many women from all over the planet decided report […]

This is how they try to make tortillas in Canada

There is no doubt that on the internet we find all kinds of videos, some are viralized by social networks that it is impossible not to talk about them. In the video below, we see a young Canadian woman who uploaded a video to TikTok and tried to make tortillas. Undoubtedly, more than one granny […]

Marketing: ‘Douyin’ Chinese version of TikTok launches online payment service

🔊 Play The Chinese version of TikTok, known in the Asian country as Douyin, has just launched an online payment service with the aim, in the company’s words, of «improve user experience»When buying products within the short video app. Now users will be able to pay through this system for those products that the creators […]

Online Masters in Administration

20/01/2021 UTEL offers a wide variety of careers online. Among them, the online Masters in Administration stand out. This article will provide a description of the main contributions of these online Masteries. The Online Latin American Technological University (UTEL) offers a wide variety of online racing for students from Mexico eager to expand their knowledge. […]

This is how music was listened to before the existence of Spotify

It was in 2006 when one of the applications that revolutionized the world of music arrived. It is the original Swedish application, Spotify, a multiplatform used for the reproduction of music via streaming. Since its launch, the famous app has a premium business model and a basic free service with advertising. At the premium level […]