Ten clandestine graves were found in the Mexican state of Morelos

Forensics unearth coffins of people not identified or claimed by their relatives, in the common grave of the San Rafael Municipal Pantheon in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. Photo: HERIKA MARTINEZ / AFP / Getty Images The Sixth National Brigade for the Search for Disappeared Persons worked in 13 municipalities in the state of Morelos for two […]

Ukraine is one of the seven world exporters of raspberries

Ukraine is increasing the export of raspberries The export volume of Ukrainian frozen raspberries amounted to just under 21 thousand tons, which allowed the country to overtake Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico and China. Ukraine became one of the seven world leaders in the export of raspberries. The share of Ukraine in this market is about […]

6 Legendary Treasures of This World Undiscovered, Nazi Number 4 Gold in Lake Toplitz

loading… BERLIN – Treasures are often identified by many people in fairy tales. In fact, since ancient times, many stories and legends regarding priceless treasures have been scattered all over the world. Treasures around the world are buried in hidden locations, stolen, or lost. Many hunters have tried to find its whereabouts, but have not […]

Latin America concentrates up to 46% of deaths from covid-19: PAHO

Mexico, United States, Brazil, Peru and Colombia are among the 10 countries with the highest mortality from covid-19, including health workers in the first line of response to the emergency, assured the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa F. Etienne. “Five countries in America: the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia […]

Russians travel to Serbia in search of western covid vaccines

When the russian regulators they approved the vaccine against him coronavirus developed in the country was a moment of National proud, and the Pavlov family were among those who rushed to receive the injection. But the authorities of health international they have not yet given their blessing to Sputnik V. That is why when the […]

Raise the AK-47 Rifle, Mexican Drug Gang Leaks US Soldiers on the Border

loading… MISSION – The gang members drug cartel Mexico brandishes AK-47 assault rifle while teasing soldiers United States of America (USA) on the border of the two countries. The gangsters were wearing military uniforms. A spokesman for the Texas Department of Public Security, US, Lt. Christopher Olivarez, said the gangsters last week entered American territory […]

Feminist art to express causes and heal wounds

By Celia Guerrero, Cristina Salmerón and Eugenia Coppel Individually or forming groups, independently or with public funds, women have managed to open up spaces in various artistic disciplines. Hand in hand with feminist movements in Mexico illustrators, muralists, performance artists, graffiti artists, artisans, documentary makers and tattoo artists have burst onto the streets, museums, galleries […]