Hope for Central Europe, a complication for Turów, is evaluated by the Czech elections of foreign media – ČT24 – Czech Television

“The YES movement of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš seems to have suffered a surprising defeat in the Czech elections, which casts a shadow over his political future. In addition, the Communists and Social Democrats, who were part of Babiš’s coalition government, failed to exceed the 5% threshold required to enter parliament, “Brussels wrote. server Politico. […]

Gazprom raised its forecast for export gas prices

Photo: Median.Az Gazprom hopes for a cold winter and high gas prices For 2022, Gazprom expects the average price to be well above $ 350 per thousand cubic meters. Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has increased its estimate of the average price of gas exports to non-CIS countries for 2021 from the recent $ 270 to […]

Rwagasore, another story in history – IWACU

The book by researcher Ludo De Witte arouses a general craze across countries and generations. Because the life and history of this young leader, broke on the eve of his country’s independence, for which he fought, fascinate. This book is also the story of “Nina” and Aimé. Meet Aimé Ntakiyica affectionately calls her “Nina”. But […]

Biles admitted that she should have finished gymnastics long before the Olympics

Simone Biles, the most successful gymnast in history, admitted after mental problems at the Olympic Games that she should have finished the sport long before them. Former Larry Nassar’s scandal involving the sexual abuse of girls affected her mental health so much that she gave up most of her competitions during the Tokyo Olympics. At […]

the star confirms that she is expecting her second child on Orange Videos

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