These news that make people talk

Several news caught the attention of our teams of journalists across the province. Here is in a few seconds this news which makes talk at home. At the port of Trois-Rivières, a sign that economic activity is recovering fairly well from the pandemic, since the start of the year, five general cargo vessels have had … Read more

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CEC report no serious voting violations

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs reportedthat they did not allow violations that could affect its result in the voting on amendments to the Constitution. In addition, there were no serious attacks on the CEC website after the vote. “There are no offenses that could affect the results of the all-Russian vote. After the polling … Read more

Warren Buffett told why the lack of credit card debt is better than any investment

–Photo: Prashanth Vishwanthan / Bloomberg / Getty Images If you have the means to pay off credit card debt, it is best to do this as early as possible, said Warren Buffett during the annual meeting of shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. One of his friends asked how best to deal with the money that she … Read more

AvtoVAZ continues to adhere to the strategy for the production of auto trash: Transferring the assembly of LADA 4×4 to old Chevrolet Niva capacities

Such measures will not change anything – the Russian SUV will continue to be criticized for the build quality and lack of prospects. Last year, on the Internet, information was published according to which AvtoVAZ bought a 50 percent stake in the joint venture GM-AvtoVAZ. Such a deal means that all rights to the production … Read more

Infections that are far from coronavirus: the flu account has more than half a million deaths per year, and measles

The whole history of mankind is life side by side with bacteria, parasites and viruses. They cause infectious diseases, that is, transmitted through various kinds of contacts: through the blood, as HIV, hepatitis B and C, with insect bites like malaria, by airborne droplets like flu, tuberculosis and measles. Since the end of last year, … Read more