The police named the cause of death of the brother of the mayor of Krivoy Rog

Police at the house of Andrei Pavlov The death of Andrei Pavlov was caused by the toxic effects of alcohols. He died the day before in his apartment. The brother of the deceased mayor of Krivoy Rog Konstantin Pavlov, Andrei, died as a result of accidental alcohol poisoning. About it informs press service of the […]

Petter Stordalen about his own alcohol consumption: – I have to be honest

The Norwegian hotel owner, property developer and investor maintains a high media profile and is a very visible leader. In an interview with Swedish Studentafton The 58-year-old makes no secret of the fact that life as a business leader, with responsibility for large companies and thousands of employees, demands its share. Studentafton is an academic […]

Elizabeth II completely gave up alcohol

Queen Elizabeth II British tabloids claim that earlier Elizabeth II allowed herself to have a glass in the evenings or a dry martini before dinner. Queen of Great Britain, 95-year-old Elizabeth II, on the advice of doctors, decided to completely abandon alcohol. The newspaper writes about it The Daily Telegraph. “The monarch expects in the […]

Death of Polyakov. The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that among the personal belongings of the People’s Deputy, they found two catheters with a brown substance

He confirmed that the investigation established the presence of methadone in the people’s deputy’s blood. “How methadone got into the people’s deputy’s body is exactly what the investigation is trying to find out. I want to emphasize that when examining the body of the then-deceased MP in his personal belongings, they found cash in the […]

The number of victims of surrogate alcohol has increased in the Orenburg region

Photo: Screenshot Alcohol poisoning in the Orenburg region has already led to the death of 29 people Nine people have already become defendants in the criminal case on poisoning with surrogate alcohol in the Orenburg region. The number of victims of poisoning with surrogate alcohol in the Orenburg region (Russia) has increased to 29. A […]

There was a massive alcohol poisoning in Russia, 29 people have already died

“The circumstances of the death of 29 people who lived in four territorial entities of the Orenburg region are being established, a number of citizens have already been provided or are currently receiving medical assistance. […] On the territory of the trade and purchasing base in the city of Orsk on Vokzalnoe shosse street, where […]

At a plant in St. Petersburg, water was poured into cans instead of beer

Photo: Screenshot About 300 liters of drinking water was poured into cans intended for the Baltika 7 variety The water poured into cans is used in brewing, it is absolutely safe and suitable for consumption, the manufacturing company assured. In the Russian St. Petersburg, there was a technical failure at the brewery of the Baltika […]

Doctors removed a kilogram of nails from a man’s stomach

Фото: Getty Images Surgeons in Lithuania remove nails from patient’s stomach Within a month after giving up alcohol, the man swallowed metal objects. Some of the items recovered during the operation were up to 10 cm long. In Lithuania, at the Klaipeda University Hospital, doctors removed more than a kilogram of nails, screws, nuts and […]