“This RTL series is complete bullshit”

RTL jumps on the hype about opulent costume series and shows the miniseries “Sisi”. This has little in common with the classic from the fifties. Part of the audience complains about historical errors. The RTL “Sisi” has little to do with Romy Schneider’s “Sissi” of the 1950s. In the very first scene she lies in […]

Knowing the Side Effects of Betel Leaf Decoction, It’s Important to Know

Merdeka.com – Currently, not a few Indonesian people still use natural ingredients for treatment. One of the natural ingredients that are often used is betel leaf. As a medicinal plant, betel has many benefits for curing various diseases because of its flavonoid content as an antibacterial. In addition to containing flavonoids, betel also contains other […]

Five quick conclusions: Zagłębie – Lech 2: 3 – KKSLECH.com – KKS Lech Poznań

Five quick conclusions is a series that briefly describes a given Lech Poznań match. Before presenting the pros and cons of a given match, match analysis, post-match statistics, analysis of the player’s game or choosing the best action for Kolejorz, we present five quick post-match conclusions. Several dozen minutes after each match, five insights into […]

Research: Covid-19 Vaccine and Flu Vaccine Are Safe to Be Injected Together

Merdeka.com – The COVID-19 vaccine and the flu vaccine are safe to be injected together because they do not have a negative impact on the immune response produced by both, according to research in the UK on Thursday (30/9). Britain and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere are getting ready for winter. A spike in […]

Women in Norway notice breast enlargement after Pfizer vaccine

Photo: pixabay.com Norwegians complain about unexpected effect of COVID-19 vaccination A side effect may be associated with a temporary reaction of the lymph nodes after vaccination, experts noted. In Norway, women have shared an unusual side effect on social media after receiving the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine. It is reported by NRK. So, according to 17-year-old […]

Update on the Number of Patients Recovered from Covid-19 as of June 8, 2021

Merdeka.com – As of June 8, 2021, the number of recovered patients has increased by 5,805 people. Today’s cure rate adds the cumulative number of cures to more than 1.7 million people recovered, or the exact number increased to 1,717,370 people with the percentage increasing to 91.9%. The number of active cases or patients who […]

The “DPR” announced the intensification of the exchange of prisoners

In Donetsk, they are working on the exchange list sent by the Ukrainian side “for the first time in a year and a half”. The self-proclaimed “DPR” announced that it had received a list from the Ukrainian side for the exchange of prisoners, and they began to agree on it. This was announced on Wednesday, […]

the US barrel listed in New York falls below zero dollars

The value of a barrel listed in New York for delivery in May fell below zero on Monday as investors and speculators desperately seek to get rid of some barrels of US oil in a saturated market. As this contract expires on Tuesday at the close, those who hold it must find physical buyers as […]

The most supportive side of young people from Leon

Eloy de la Varga is 19 years old and is hyperimmune to covid-19. This young aerospace engineering student at the University of León caught the virus in September. A month in confinement with no symptoms and three positive PCR tests alerted his doctors, who decided to do a serological test in which they detected a […]